The Continent Beyond Part 4

It took me a few days to arrive to Águila Islet in Argentina. It might sound weird that it took me so long because today the transport is very fast, much faster than it was in the past. Still, I had to make several stops before reaching the southmost point in Argentina which is where, according to my calculations, those two strangers crossed the great ice wall. Águila Islet is indeed the closest point to Antarctica and the one most accessible. I didn’t spend much time there and instead embarked on a ferry that transported me to Antarctica.

I don’t know about our ancestors, but Antarctica’s shores are populated by Han people who live in small towns or villages. Each if these small towns has their own electric power plant and when you sum up all the town there are on the shores, it is clear that Antarctica is the largest supplier of electric energy in the world.

Besides those coastal towns, the inland is completely unpopulated. It is said that in the past people tried to explore and exploit these parts of the Earth but it was in vain as it is impossible to live there. All the projects to go inland were abandoned and instead they only concentrated on the thin coastal line across Antarctica.

For me, it was unbelievable that there was anything beyond Antarctica. I couldn’t even fathom where that alleged continent could be situated. After all, the planet was a globe and Antarctica was supposed to be on the very bottom of that globe. That was it. When I heard that there was another continent, presumably at the center of Antarctica but surrounded by water, I couldn’t just leave it. Besides, if this was true and there was indeed a continent called “Earth” it would mean that the shape of the entire planet was different. I couldn’t just let it be, I had to investigate it.

I stayed a couple of days in that first town in Antarctica I set my foot on. I was already well equipped but most of my equipment worked on electricity and I had to buy large generators and store them properly. These generators were large bjt they were also very light thanks to the technological advancements. People were using them all around the world but I wanted to buy them on the spot because only there I could find generators strong enough for my journey.

After those couple of days, and a few more preparations, I said goodbye to the civilised world and the only living beings I would see for quite some time. I didn’t know where I was going. All I could hope for was that I’d cross the whole Antarctica and end up at the other end. I wasn’t afraid of dying like many explorers in the past. Technology is our savior and in this day and time it’s easier to die of boredom than exploring wilderness. That is, unless you weren’t well equipped and have’t had any previous experience. I had nothing to worry about. My vehicle was equipped with everything I needed and more.

It was extremely cold whenever I stepped out of my vehicle. White snow everywhere you looked. No hills, let alone mountains. White endless fields everywhere. No wonder people have always been afraid to explore and inhabit these parts. It was an ice wasteland. We knew that Antarctica was rich in natural resources which is why so many coastal towns flourished.

I travelled for days these vast and endless snow fields. My vehicle was fast but I still didn’t know if what I encountered at the other end would be worthwhile all the trouble. I consoled myself with the thought that at least I would know that the whole story about another continent called “Earth” was made up. My journey wouldn’t be futile. I would have travelled Antarctica and I’d know the truth about the planet. Whichever that truth might be.

After about two weeks going in the straight line across Antarctica, I finally reached the shore. I saw water as far as the eye could reach. It could have been that I had reached the other side of Antarctica and ended up somewhere on the edge of the Pacific ocean. The one thing that bothered me was that there were no small towns on this side of the shore even though I knew that the whole coastline was populated with them. I checked the locator to somewhere exactly I was, but according to it I was in the middle of Antarctica and should be seeing nothing but snow around me, let alone water. Is it possible that I have reached the other side of the great ice wall?

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