The Continent Beyond Part 3

After I’d read this very curious post, it got me thinking. I was it possible that it was all real and that there was another continent somewhere over there, behind the great ice wall as the strangers called it? Or was it all a hoax made to garnish some internet attention?

Truth be told, I’d never heard of the “great ice wall” and frankly, nobody on the planet did. We’d known about North and South Pole and Greenland and out of the three, people only hadn’t explored the South Pole or Antarctica. My guess was that, if this ice wall existed, it was somewhere over there. Then I remembered that the strangers had said that they first came to Argentina and that’s close to Antarctica.

Still, this whole story could have been an elaborate hoax so I decided to contact the poster directly. I send them an introduction message, telling them a bit about myself and my reasons for contacting them.

The response came within two days. I thought it would be quicker, because who isn’t always online these days, even when they sleep? My guess was that the poster was either extremely busy or that they were thinking for two days what to respond.

The response I got was very open and helpful. The poster thanked me for contacting them (it was him, actually), and he said that only a few people I contacted him directly about the strange couple he met on that vacation. He said he initially shared the story because he felt he needed to raise awareness about this couple and the alleged continent called “Earth”. He thought more people would become interested in the story, but since we are living is a placid society where stories are just enough to, only a handful of enthusiasts ever took it seriously.

He swore his story wasn’t a hoax and provided me with see interesting details to prove it wasn’t a hoax.

After that strange encounter, he spent the next 6 months or so researching the internet trying to find stories similar to his. He actually managed to find two such stories, both posted within a year of his encounter. One was lacking any significant detail, as that poster only claimed that she had met a couple from a continent she’d never heard of, without going into details. The second story was more elaborate and matched many of the details of his encounter with the strangers, down to the lekka bag. That other poster was from Brazil, so he concluded that the couple was coming from Argentina, met the other poster relatively early on their travel across our 7 continents. It helped him try mapping their whereabouts (as precisely as he could which, given the “facts” he had, wasn’t much).

Because the poster was still not sure if the couple were genuine inhabitants of “Earth” or just prankster, he decided to write his own post and see how people responded to it, hoping that he would find someone who has also encountered this couple. No one who contacted him either publicly through comments or directly, claimed to have similar encounters. Still, there were a few, me amongst them, who expressed the curiosity to find that unknown piece of land. As I have previously said, not many people were avid travelers, let alone explorers, so I wasn’t surprised.

After I told him that I’d traveled all around the world, he asked me if I was going to track the strange couple. I told him it was impossible as he couldn’t provide me with any specific details and that the couple could have been anywhere on Earth right now (our part of the Earth, that is) or maybe they had even returned home by now which both of us thought was less likely.

I asked him if they told him how long it took them to cross that ice wall and he told me they mentioned 3 months or so. I suspected they were moving across by foot so I calculated in my head that the crossing wasn’t that big as it took you longer to go on foot than in any kind of vehicle.

The other concern I had was how to cross the water that separated “Earth” and the ice wall. That’s why I decided to make my own vehicle that would be easily transformed from one thing to another. The vehicle had to be lightweight but durable and it was my intent to find the best vehicle maker who could help me make what I want. Luckily, I knew one such person who had already helped me on my many travels. I contact him, I gave him a detailed explanation of what I wanted and he agreed to make me a custom vehicle for this very peculiar travel. It would take him 6 months to do so, he said, and I thought that it would be double the time it took the strange couple to cross the ice wall.

We made the agreements and after 6 long months of extensive preparations (I’d already had most of the equipment necessary for such a journey but still needed to check and double check everything as well as gather 1 year of supplies… for every case), I set off for the journey of my life.

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