No one likes feeling negative emotions such as sadness, anger, anguish and so on. They make us feel bad, make our world shatter. They can be good for us, right? Wrong. Allowing ourselves to experience negative emotions can actually be beneficial for our mental health. Let me explain.

When you suppress negative emotions you create a mental and emotional problem. Negative emotions breed more negative emotions and what you end up doing is thinking about them instead of letting them go. What happens basically is that you get angry or sad or feel down about something and instead of letting yourself live through those emotions and let them go, you start overthinking things and getting yourself deeper and deeper down the spiral of negativity and despair. You might feel anxiety about something and then think about why you feel that way, that it’s bad for you, that maybe you’re a loser for having anxiety. Then you start to blame yourself for feeling that way and wonder when you will stop to feel like that. And why you are feeling that way… it’s a vicious cycle that it’s difficult to get out of. And, believe it or not, most of it happens because you are suppressing negative emotions and are actively running away from them.

When you try to suppress emotions they inevitably build up. They grow and grow until you can’t take it anymore. And you explode or go into a deep depression. The scenario when you suppress negative emotions and they magically disappear- it doesn’t exist. It’s a nice thought that functions only on screens and literature but in real life, it’s not viable.

So what should you do? You should stop running away from your emotions. Instead, try to live them through. Try to feel them. If you have to cry – cry. If you have to scream – scream. It’s much healthier and beneficial for your health than pretending they don’t exist and just going on with your life as if nothing is happening.

When you allow yourself to experience negative emotions, you’ll more easily get rid of them. You will not go down the spiral of negative thoughts and emotions, overthinking, and blame. You’ll live through it, you’ll allow yourself to be human and not a happy robot, and you’ll be done with it. Or at least you’ll be in control.

Running away is never the solution. It may seem like one, but in long term, it can mess with your mind and emotions. When you start running away, the problems will not disappear on their own. They’ll still be there but you won’t be able to face them. You’ll just continue running.

The other issue with running away from problems and negative feelings is that they’ll just accumulate. Not just that they won’t disappear any time soon, but with time they will become greater, more complex, and far greater in number. All because you wanted to avoid them.

It doesn’t work. Any temporary solution is just that – temporary. It won’t solve anything. You won’t feel better. In fact, you’ll probably feel worse. So what should you do? Let yourself be human. You are not a robot. You are to have only a positive set of emotions. You are not bound to make others happy at your expense. You shouldn’t pretend, not to others and especially not to yourself. You should try to face your fears and be who you are.

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