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The Importance Of Philosophy

Philosophy is thinking about and discussing the questions about everything that exists and doesn’t exist in the world.


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Social Commentary

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Moon in Aquarius, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Aries These natives are optimistic and active. They can be strong-headed at times and unwilling to change their mind. They may feel entitled and think the world owes them something. Generally, they make good friends and they like to be surrounded by people. They are natural ...

Moon in Aquarius Overview

Moon in Aquarius natives don't understand emotions very well. In fact, they pretend emotions don't exist. For them, emotions are something out there, something weird and incomprehensible.  Moon in Aquarius people actually do understand their own emotions, though only the positive ones. When they ...

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Aries  These natives are driven and ambitious. They are hard-working and goal-oriented and they will often stop at nothing to achieve what they want and what they want is to be the best and have the best. They believe that emotions are childish and, even though they have em...

Creative Corner

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