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The Original Sin, Knowledge: Olga’s Letter (1)

Dear friend, It’s been such a long time since I’ve last sent you a letter. Ages, I would say. Eternities, but what are they for us? A blink of an eye. Time is relative. It means different things to different people, yet it doesn’t exist. We are not like them, like the people, that’s why we can unde...

Science and Education: How We Don’t See The Wood For The Trees

Education is probably the most important thing we should invest in but unfortunately, we are not investing in it enough. I'm not talking about it only in terms of money but most importantly in terms of how we educate our children. We think we are educating them, but are we? First, let us establish ...


Kreatsya Video: How to Understand Yourself​ Better

Self-love doesn’t come without self-knowledge. In this video, I’m talking about how to understand yourself better in order to love yourself more.

Kreatsya Video: What is Kreatsya and why is creativity important?

Kreatsya is a social network dedicated to the creative process and to bringing creative people together. Creativity is a somewhat misused term these days where many people believe that it is a trait of only the selected few (namely, artists). Also, it is still believed that some people are creative ...

A world in between

If you don’t see particles dancing, Or can’t find magic in the night air, I can’t show you any wonders, If you believe they aren’t there   If your soul doesn’t dance to a gust of wind, Or translucent reflection of running water, The plain world is all you get, Don&...

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Mars in Virgo Men in Love

Mars in Virgo men are meticulous and hard-working. They are also nitpicky and are prone to being overly critical not only of the person they love, but of themselves as well. They want the best in their relationship, but not in a greedy and luxurious way. No. Mars in Virgo man wants a good woman by h...

Mars in Leo Men in Love

When Mars in Leo man is in love, he is an embodiment of a true aristocrat. He wants to look good, smell good and be the perfect gentleman. Mars in Leo man is not only concerned about his looks but he wants to make his girl feel like a true goddess. Because Mars in Leo men generally behave like this ...

Mars in Cancer Men in Love

When Cancer inhabits Mars it is said that Mars is then in fall. “Fall” always means a very difficult position for the planet to be in. The energies of the planet don't flow naturally and may be completely blocked. Since Mars is a planet that represents our reaction to the world as well as our fighti...

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