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A Guide To Killing Creativity

If you are dedicated to killing creativity in people, it doesn't have much sense to do it when they are adults. By then people have already got used to being creative and using their creativity in the best possible ways. Don't wait and let them become familiar with the charms of creativity. If you w...

Praroditeljski greh: Radoznalost, Deo drugi

На довратку се појави једна девојка, или боље речено жена, од једно двадесет осам година, висока, лепе грађе, са фарбаном риђом косом, увијеном у локне, која јој је допирала до рамена. Била је обучена у танку ролку беж боје, увучену у фармерке.  - Е, ћао. Како си? Је л' све ок? – упита она стојећи ...

Praroditeljski greh: Radoznalost, Deo prvi

Гарсоњера је била прљава, пуна кутија и разбацаних ствари по поду и намештају. Један једини прозор гледао је на сиву, бучну улицу, пуну пролазника. Ваздух није био нимало чист, па је у случају отварања прозора морало да се бира између загађеног ваздуха споља и устајалог изнутра. Ипак, ако би човек д...


Kreatsya Video: What is Blocking Your Happiness?

What is it that is blocking your happiness? What are the factors that bring about your unhappiness? Watch today’s video and find out.

Kreatsya Video: Is Social Media Bringing The Worst In Us?

We often blame social media for all sorts of anxieties that we develop while using it. While it is true that social media can affect us tremendously, is it solely social media’s fault that we are experiencing all that?

Kreatsya Video: Reasons We Shouldn’t Stress So Much About Stuff

We stress too much about everything that is going on in our lives but somehow all that stress is bot helping us resolve these problems. In today’s video I’m talking about why we should take life with much more ease and why that is beneficial.

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Mars in Aquarius Men in Love

When Mars inhabits Aquarius in a man’s chart it gives this man a less than emotional approach to love and flirting. In fact, he may see flirting as a more friendly approach than making grand romantic gestures. Don’t be fooled though - he is all about love and being with someone, though he may not di...

Mars in Capricorn Men in Love

Let me start of by saying that Capricorn as a sign is not much of a flirt and when it inhabits Mars in a male chart, it’s definitely a tricky position. Capricorn likes to analyze all the pros and cons before he makes a decision. Unlike the sign before, Sagittarius, they are not light when it comes t...

Mars in Sagittarius Men in Love

Man with Mars in Sagittarius is very likable and easy going. They are adventurous and they love going outdoors. They like to talk about interesting ideas and concepts and they not only like to hear your opinions but also share their own ideas with you. The more they like you the more they will want ...

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The Sitting Man

Simon was his name. That was the only thing she remembered about him. That was the only thing he remembered about himself. He knew nothing more - who he was, where he came from, what he was doing in her apartment. He just had a vague, clouded memory of something that happened to him, but he didn’t k...


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