Thoughts and Mysteries

Kreatsya Video: Are We Different From Animals?

No matter how much we love animals, we still treat them as being essentially different from us. Are they?

Kreatsya Video: Is Our Reality A Computer Simulation?

We’ve come to know and accept this reality as solid and unchangeable. With the rise of technology, one question keeps popping up every now and then – is our reality a computer simulation?

Kreatsya Video: Is There Life After Death?

This is probably one of the oldest questions out there. It’s also one of the most difficult to answer, if not impossible. There are lots of theories on whether we can survive physical death and all of those theories have fervent and often radical and inflexible followers. In this video, I̵...


Kreatsya Video: Cinderella Syndrome: Why Being a Doormat Will Not Bring You Happiness

What happens when kindness becomes a serious obstacle to your own development? We tend to think that being kind means that we should become a virtual doormat for other people and that, in the end, we will be rewarded for it big time. Guess what? That’s not how the real life functions. The quic...

Kreatsya Video: Not Everyone Who Seems Confident Is Actually Confident

When you have low self-confidence, you always wonder how others seem to be so confident. The thing is, that’s not always the case. There is a difference between normal self-confidence and over-confidence that often stems from the same issue – low self-esteem. In this video, I’m tal...

Kreatsya Video: How To Confront Rude People

It’s impossible to escape rude people. Simply put, we are surrounded by them. The problem is, though, that we don’t know how to confront them. We either run away and get embarrassed, or we get angry and enter a shouting match with someone who is rude. More often than not, we are always silent about ...

Social Commentary

Kreatsya Video: Words Have Powerful Meanings

Words are not just a bunch of sounds we gave meanings to. Words carry soundwaves that can greatly influence our mind and emotions.

Kreatsya Video: Is Social Media Bringing The Worst In Us?

We often blame social media for all sorts of anxieties that we develop while using it. While it is true that social media can affect us tremendously, is it solely social media’s fault that we are experiencing all that?

A Guide To Killing Creativity

If you are dedicated to killing creativity in people, it doesn't have much sense to do it when they are adults. By then people have already got used to being creative and using their creativity in the best possible ways. Don't wait and let them become familiar with the charms of creativity. If you w...


Moon in Sagittarius in Love

These natives are free-spirited and don’t like to be cooped up either physically by spending a lot of time in the same place or emotionally. They are not prone to cheating on their partners when things go south, but may do so on occasions without even thinking they did something bad. They tend to se...

Moon in Scorpio in Love

Moon in Scorpio natives love deeply but they have a difficult time expressing their vulnerable side. This is why they may appear cold to their lovers and partners who may think that they don’t love them.

Moon in Libra in Love

Moon in Libra is characterized by the need to be in a romantic partnership. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and romance, though this sign also represents marriage and even business partnership. In that sense, Moon in Libra natives are quite serious when it comes to commitmen...

Creative Corner

A world in between

If you don’t see particles dancing, Or can’t find magic in the night air, I can’t show you any wonders, If you believe they aren’t there   If your soul doesn’t dance to a gust of wind, Or translucent reflection of running water, The plain world is all you get, Don&...


I just saw a little bat, It flew near my window pane Into grand and scarlet sunset, Without hint of cold and rain I could feel how happy it was, That it could feel pleasant night air, I enjoyed its hasty flight, Before I blinked,it wasn’t there Sometimes I too must await the night Before my so...

The Continent Beyond Part 4

It took me a few days to arrive to Águila Islet in Argentina. It might sound weird that it took me so long because today the transport is very fast, much faster than it was in the past. Still, I had to make several stops before reaching the southmost point in Argentina which is where, according to m...


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