Moon in Virgo, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Aries These natives have a lot of energy they want to direct into practical matters. Sometimes their high energy and high-strung personalities can clash and their behavior can get unpredictable. Precisely because of this high energy and nervous combination, these natives often struggle with relaxation. They can get upset more easily when things don’t go as they planned.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Taurus This is a person who values both comfort and practicality in life. They want to have their life meticulously ordered and everything functioning as it should. They work best with things they already know and can control, otherwise they may get nervous only to retreat to their established way of life very quickly.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Gemini These two signs are in square but because both signs are ruled by Mercury, there aren’t major frictions between character (Sun) and personality (Moon). Sure, Gemini and Virgo posses different energies but they are both intellectual and approach life from the analytical point of view. This is a person who loves life, likes to share ideas but doesn’t have a relaxed approach to life and can get nervous very easily.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Cancer This is an over-sensitive person who is good at heart and has best intentions but those good intentions don’t always have the best outcomes. They can get overwhelmed by everything that surrounds them and will spend most of their time trying to sort their feelings out. If they can’t deal with their own emotions, they may resort to dealing with yours by being overly-critical.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Leo These are dignified and practical people who know how to make things happen. They are not merely daydreamers with big fantasies and nothing to back it up.

Despite their shy nature, they have the need to prove themselves to the world and voice their opinions as loudly as they can.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Virgo This is a conjunction combination that can get either good or bad. If positive aspected, the native will have both character (Sun) and personality (Moon) at peace, which will neutralize a bit the high-strung nature of a Virgo. If negatively aspected, the native will feel bad in their own skin, always being on the lookout for the people who might hurt them.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Libra These people generally don’t like conflict and will do their best to avoid it. Nevertheless, they may start them more often than not, never realizing it was their own critical nature that started them. At the core of this is their need for everything to be balanced and if it’s not, they may become overly critical of their entourage.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Scorpio This is the person who feels the need to have their emotions more grounded. Additionally, they don’t want to feel the intensity that they are feeling. Because of their analytical mindset and their aversion to emotions, they may overthink things and often get paranoid about meaningless and trivial matters.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Sagittarius These are positive and energetic people who can sometimes get pushy if things don’t get their way. They most likely don’t set boundaries either for themselves nor for other people. They can be insecure and that can lead them to want to be the center of attention. In fact, they are very attention-seeking. They make good friends if a little overbearing.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Capricorn This is a person who likes order and structure. They like to work hard and help others in the process. They also don’t understand emotions very well, either their own or of their entourage which can lead to them doing more emotional harm than good. Still, they will do their best to listen to you and approach your problems from the analytical point of view.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Aquarius Both signs don’t deal with emotions very well. The native will portray an easy-going and cool exterior (Aquarius Sun) but on the inside, they will be confused as to how to approach their emotions or if they should even do so. For them, it’s easier to just pretend that the emotions are not there and go on with their life.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces This is a somewhat difficult position as these two signs are opposed to one another. This is a very emotional and dreamy native who most likely doesn’t know what to do with their own emotions. They love to be helpful and like to take care of your needs. They want to be objective and can get stressed out when the emotions get too much for them which is happening all the time.

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