Moon in Virgo Overview

Traditionally, Virgo is a sign that doesn’t get emotions very well. They have emotions like everyone else, but unlike everyone else, they don’t understand them (except perhaps their fellow earth sign Capricorn). Virgo thinks that emotions are messy and when Virgo inhabits the Moon, the native will have problems dealing with their own emotions.

Moon deals directly with emotions and Virgo Moon people will do their best to analyze and order their emotions (and those of other people). They can’t just let go and feel things through. Instead, they have to keep it under control. Emotions don’t work that way, of course, and this is what makes Moon in Virgo natives very nervous. They would like to pretend that emotions don’t exist and instead of neutralizing them, this only makes them bottle up and eventually explode. Emotions are not clean and cannot be controlled. Things don’t always happen the way you want it. Even though Virgo is a mutable sign and the most flexible compared to other earth signs, they are not very flexible when it comes to emotions. The unpredictability makes them feel nervous.

Moon in Virgo natives feel safe when they are of service to the people they love. They don’t find everyday tasks burdensome and will try to make your life easier by doing them for you. This is not a conscious decision, though. Moon works on a subconscious level. Because Virgo Moons don’t know how to express their emotions in an emotional way, they will do practical things for you, like cleaning, cooking, bringing you what you need. In their minds, love is not shown through words but through actions. Unfortunately, their expressions of love may often seem ordinary to other people and not be perceived as the expressions of love but rather as something normal (like cleaning or cooking meals). This can further frustrate Virgo Moons and make them even more nervous.

Virgo Moon natives are kind-hearted and they are truly tuned into what you need. This makes them the best gift givers of all the zodiac. Their thoughtfulness mixed with practicality enables them to know exactly what you need even if you still don’t know it. This is why they have a natural gift of picking just the right gifts for you. They enjoy this, too, because they see it as their expression of love.

Moon in Virgo people need to feel useful to get that sensation of being loved. They rarely appreciate themselves for who they are but more for what they can do for others. If their efforts of being useful to those they love don’t get enough appreciation, these natives may feel very lonely and unloved. This, in turn, will get their anxiety go up and in these situations of stress caused for the lack of (perceived) appreciation, they may resort to pretty aggressive emotional outbursts.

Nevertheless, they don’t stay angry for long as they can’t stand having difficult and messy feelings. Still, after a heated discussion, their confidence often gets shaken up a bit and it takes them some time to recover.

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