Moon in Taurus, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Aries This is a strange combination where high energy and activity meets inertia. It’s different from Sun in Taurus/Moon in Aries combination in that while you feel that you should have the energy to do stuff, you simply can’t which creates a push and pull situation. Your inner self craves tranquility and a slow-paced life while your external character is all about action. It’s difficult for those two energies to meet halfway so most of the time you might feel confused and appear like that to others.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Taurus This is a good blend of the same energies. Whenever Sun and Moon are in the same sign, there is no contradiction between character (Sun) and personality (Moon) as they are one and the same. Still, too much of the same energy might be a problem, too. In the case of Taurus, while you may not have the inner conflict other Sun/Moon combination do, because Taurus is a “lazy” sign, it will be even more difficult for you to take action and get out of your comfort zone.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Gemini This combination creates the other way around Gemini. It’s someone who likes to talk and appear to have lots of energy and is all up for tons of different activities but in reality, will do things that are in their comfort zone. Too much talk and not much action. On the other hand, Taurus Moon can stabilize Gemini a little and make them more focused than usual.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Cancer These natives value their own comfort above anything else. Cancer is a sign that is naturally fearful of rejection and might not do many things due to this fear, but Taurus luckily doesn’t possess this trait and instead puts its own needs in front of any fear. These natives are capable of shifting their focus from what they fear to what they need and will happily trade the fear for their well-being. It’s a great combination for the native but not so much for the others as these natives possess a strong selfish streak.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Leo Leo is the sign of pride and though it’s a fire sign it’s also fixed like Taurus. It’s not erratic energy like Aries but a more stable one. Taurus here grounds Leo in their belief that their needs should be of most importance. Not only will they not go out of their comfort zone, but they will also fiercely believe that their comfort zone is the best way to be and live so they will not even feel the need to explore something different.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Virgo This Sun/Moon combination is perhaps the most stabilizing for Virgo. Virgo is a sign that worries and analyzes too much, so Taurus will give this native a less worrisome nature that will be more concentrated on their own wishes and desires and less on analyzing all the possible outcomes. Taurus and Virgo are also compatible signs (trine) meaning there will be no conflicts between the personality and character of the native.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Libra Even though Libra is a sign of balance, the natives are usually not that balanced and are prone to getting into arguments easily. Taurus will give them the sensation that they are always right though they will probably try to stir away from problems and arguments for the sake of their own tranquility. Both signs are ruled by Venus and the native will know how to make life as pleasurable as possible without working too hard to achieve it.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Scorpio This is a person who portrays a mysterious persona interested in the darker sides of life but in reality, they will be more interested in making their life comfortable and easy. If something makes them look good, they will pursue it till the end of the world, but if it doesn’t, they won’t bother much. This is not a typical self-destructive Scorpio because these natives will rarely sabotage themselves (intentionally).

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Sagittarius Sagittarius is a happy-go-lucky sign and with Moon in Taurus, this native will worry less about the problems than usual. That is the problems that don’t affect them personally. They have a tendency to be less preoccupied with problems than the other Sun/Moon combinations. Also, these natives will prefer to be pampered than to be active though they may present themselves as people of action.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Capricorn These is two earth signs so there will be no big difference between the needs (Moon) and wants (Sun) of the native. Still, these signs approach life in slightly different ways so, while Capricorn will give the native a serious exterior but a mellow interior concerned more will simple life pleasures than ruthless ambition. That being said, these natives are ambitious but also considerate towards the others as they don’t want to create bad blood for the sake of their own peace and tranquillity.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Aquarius This is another push and pull Sun/Moon combination. These two signs are in square with automatically means that there will be a conflict between wants and needs, personality and character. Aquarius is an outgoing sign interested in innovation and new ideas while Taurus is a sign of mental and physical inertia meaning they will do their best to stay in their comfort zone.

Moon in Taurus, Sun in Pisces Pisces is a sign that likes to go with the flow without much planning and overthinking. Taurus, on the other hand, likes to have everything clean and under control. This is a person who will appear mild and mellow, compassionate and outgoing, but whose goal ultimately will be to work at their own best interest. This Sun/Moon combination will give the native the opportunity to work on their own advantage without looking selfish.

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