Moon in Pisces Overview

Pisces always feels good when it inhabits the Moon. The Moon represents our emotions, intuition, our inner self. It also represents the mother, early childhood and family traditions. Since Moon is all about abundance and emotions, this planetary position is usually easy on the native, unlike some other, harsher Moon positions.

Natives with Moon in Pisces are a bundle of emotions no matter whether they show it outwardly or not (It depends on their Sun and Ascendant positions). They feel everything around them – from the smallest and most delicate emotional vibrations to the pain and hurt of others. They are great empaths. Because Pisces is a mutable sign, it doesn’t initiate (like cardinal Cancer), nor does it stay fixed in their feelings (like fixed Scorpio). Rather, Moon in Pisces’ emotions ebb and flow depending on their environment. They pick up others’ feelings easily and it is easy for them to step into someone else’s shoes and understand them on a deep level. 

Moon in Pisces natives are more of a vessel for emotions than a retainer

They are a medium between people and the emotional world. They have a strong intuition and even have psychic abilities no matter whether they believe in it or not. It doesn’t mean, of course, that every Pisces Moon native will see ghosts (we don’t know if ghosts exist) or have premonitions about the future, but they will definitely have a very strong intuition that will help them understand people and motivations better so that they can navigate life more effectively.

The negative side of this is that Moon in Pisces natives are so intuned with other people’s emotions and inner life that they often forget that they have their own emotions and their own inner life that may be different from other people. To others, this may seem superficial because Pisces Moons rarely state their own strong opinions. They can get so caught up in other people’s emotions that they can easily lose themselves in them.

They rarely come off strong. Instead, they seem to correctly sense the emotional vibes around them and accommodate their behavior according to it. 

Moon in Pisces natives are very romantic in nature. They love to love and love falling in love. In fact, they love the whole idea of love and romance. Unfortunately, they can often get carried away with their fantasies and be in love with the idea of love, not the actual person. This is why they can often get disillusioned when their fantasies eventually clash with reality and they are left wondering what the hell happened when everything was so perfect. 

Moon in Pisces natives can often be emotionally manipulative even if they are not aware of it and don’t intend to be like that. They are prone to self-pity and self-victimization so many people will be drawn to help them. This is usually a trap, though, as the native will rarely go out of their victim role no matter how much help is offered. They will unwittingly draw people down, always asking and rarely giving.

This has the other side, too. Pisces can be both victims and saviors and if the native has a more savior-like streak they can be an easy target for emotional abuse. Because their need to help and save others is so strong, they can often be a magnet to all sorts of manipulators and abusers. Pisces Moons are suckers for a sob story and because they also posses a selfless streak, they are capable of giving their all and lose their identity and self-respect in the process.

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