Moon in Libra Overview

Libra is a pleasant sign, always looking for beautiful things and people to be surrounded by. They love beauty and they also love having friends.

When Libra inhabits the Moon (emotions), the native’s sense of security starts depending on the balance and smooth relationships. They are very agreeable and friendly, often overly-agreeable. They need the balance in their life at any cost even and especially if it cost them their individuality and self-expression, which is a shame because they have a lot to offer.

Libra Moon natives have a keen sense of beauty and no matter whether they are interested in fashion or not, they will always be well-dressed. It may be casual clothing, but nothing will ever be out of its place. Even the most casual Libra Moons will instinctively know how to look good. Because Moon works more on a subconscious level, most Libra Moons will not even be aware that they have this knack for clothing.

The same way they want their appearance to be good-looking they also want their relationships to be smooth-sailing.

The emotional need for a Libra Moon is to be a pair – that is what you’ll rarely see a Libra Moon without a lot of friends. They don’t like to be alone and even though they are sometimes not physically in a company, they will be at least texting friends and talking to them on the phone. They are definitely not the loner type.

Truth be told, people do naturally gravitate towards Libra Moons. It’s as if they can sense their need for companionship. These natives don’t have problems making new friends and maintaining existing friendships alive. They will rarely go anywhere alone, too, as people will be happy to be in their company.

The problem with Libra Moons is that tend to get lost in their need to constantly be good with everyone. Not only will they be cordial with everyone but they will also adapt to people to the point of losing their own individuality.

Libra Moon natives are prone to adapt to the interests of other people or groups too much. If the group of people they are currently with are interested in one thing, say, sports, they will eagerly talk about it. When they go to another group where people don’t like sports but literature they will easily adapt, forget all about sports and talk only about literature. Sometimes this can go too far when the native will adapt their own preferences and tastes based on whether you like it or not. It’s good to be polite but it seems that Libra Moon people often forget the thin line between politeness and having their own opinion.

People with Moon in Libra are often too dependant on what others think of them. They have a great need for the society to accept them and they will push themselves to great extents to achieve that. This, in turn, can make them prone to suffer from anxiety on a daily basis even though they’ll not show it. They believe that showing themselves anything less than just right is a failure and a weakness.

These natives are gentle people who make good and kind friends if a bit overly-agreeable.

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