Moon in Leo, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Leo, Sun in Aries Here the Aries Sun gets a much needed stabilizing energy that is still fiery and energetic. Leo is a fixed sign and unlike Aries who is often reckless, Leo Moon first thinks and then acts. This is a person who will take a lot of pride in everything they do, though they may sometimes appear arrogant and entitled.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Taurus This is a relatively harmonious combination given the fact that these signs have a difficult aspect (square). The native will take pride in what they do and posses. They will do their best to live a quality life, surrounding themselves with prized possessions. This is a native who will take care that their family also get all the best.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Gemini Even though these signs are in a positive aspect (sextile), this combination is positive for the native, but may not be for their entourage. The youthfulness of Gemini and the pride of Leo can create a childish person who lives in their own colorful world where everything is fun, without taking account of what is really going on around them. This Sun/Moon combination is capable of bouncing back quickly from anything negative.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Cancer This is a Cancer that is less insecure than other Cancers and more open to new experiences. It’s a positive person who, though may appear shy at first, is very friendly at heart. They are warm and compassionate, but they also know how to put boundaries and not let others boss them around.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Leo Though Leo is a positive and warm sign, too much pride can make them not being able to see the woods from the trees. Their character (Sun) and their personality (Moon) are the same and this can be the problem as it’s difficult for them to shake things up and get a new perspective on things as they tend to be set on their views.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Virgo This is a warm person who tends to sometimes get very upset about things not going the way they planned. They genuinely believe they know the best and will try to help you with their advice, even when it’s not needed.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Libra This is someone who not only loves to be surrounded by nice and quality stuff but will also get great pride and emotional satisfaction from it. They are warm-hearted though they may be prone to having and even starting arguments to prove and fiercely defend their point of view.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Scorpio This native is strong-willed and will not be easily swayed or trifled with. They may take things too personally because their pride doesn’t let them see the other side, too. They may feel that they are smarter than others and might at times be condescending. Still, if they like you, they will be your friend and support forever.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Sagittarius Although these two signs are in trine, and although there is no conflict between character (Sun) and the personality (Moon), the native has a hard time marrying their easy-going and happy-go-lucky Sagittarius nature with the proud Leo. They want to be easy and go through life without restraints but Leo would much rather plan things through to achieve perfection.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Capricorn This is a person who has a strong ethics both in work and in life in general. On the surface, they may seem reserved, but deep down they are warm and affectionate. They make their life mission to have everything under control and working. They are usually very reliable people.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius This native would rather think they are very open-minded and non-judgemental but their sense of self-worthiness can often get in their way. Simply put, the way they feel and behave is very different.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Pisces This native has the ability to put their dreams and imagination into action. They like to go with the flow, but their fixed nature is giving them the means to know when they’ve gone too far and what to do to go back on track.

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