Moon in Leo Overview

Leo is a warm and proud sign and though the Leo Moon is similar, they are not the same. The biggest emotional need for the Leo Moon native is the need to be recognized and accepted for their merits. They are proud people who strive to achieve the best in life and be seen as the best and special by everybody else. No matter the Sun Sign or the rest of the chart, Leo Moon is too strong to be hidden or mellowed down. After all, Leo is the sign of Self and when emotions are tightly tied to the sense of personal pride and achievements, it’s hard to hide.

Leo Moon people are warm and engaging and generally make good friends, unless you have the problem with them secretly always wanting to be number One. Moon is our hidden but true nature, so Moon’s traits will not be out there in the open for everyone to see. They are more subtle and seen only by people who know the Moon native well or to those who are perceptive to the Moon’s undercurrents.

Because Leo Moon native’s emotions are so closely tied to their pride, they will feel best when they have accomplished something that others will praise them for. It can be a big thing or a mundane thing, it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, because in life it is impossible to always be the best or always be recognized as someone who has something important to offer to society, these people can have major insecurities about their place in other people’s eyes. Their pride will not allow them to show it, though, as they believe that showing that you care for approval is a weakness. That is why Leo Moons may sometimes seem arrogant and haughty.

Moon in Leo natives are lively and they love life. They have a positive energy about them that can make people around them feel good, too. They are usually not moody, though depending on their current level of insecurity, they usually alternate between the two behavioral modes: super cool and friendly, and condescending. Again, it depends on their current emotional state. If they feel more secure in their own abilities and the recognition they get from others, they will feel happy and that happiness will show. They will move mountains to help you and be your best confidant. In the case, they feel insecure, all that can change. In fact, these natives feel more insecure when people show indifference towards them than when people openly criticize them. They are strong and they can take criticism. They can defend themselves like true knights. What they can’t do, is bear the thought of someone not caring about what they say or do. If that happens, they will definitely feel more unloved than if someone criticized them. The paradox here is that, despite their great pride, they can only believe in themselves if others believe in them.

Listening to a Leo Moon you may believe that they have their shit together. You will be made to believe that everything they do and have is of the highest quality, even if it’s not. The point is, they believe they know what is best and they’ll make sure you know they have the best. It doesn’t have to be true at all and oftentimes it isn’t, but they want you to believe that they surround themselves only with the best. It doesn’t even have to be material. It can also be on the intellectual level. On a deep level, they feel the need to be the best. They don’t need to be different like their opposite, the Aquarius Moon, but they need to feel special. After all, that is the message they have been receiving since childhood and whole their lives they are trying to live up to that message.

The good side of this is that they are not selfish and they will genuinely be happy if you achieved something in your life. They will not envy you, even though this seems contradictory. Why? Because your great achievements make them feel good, too. 

Moreover, they are big believers in fairness. That is what makes them truly special. They will help people in need and will do their best not to be unfair to anyone. They want to set things right in the world, which is why they usually don’t possess a selfish streak.

In love, these natives may be tricky to deal with, depending on whether the other person has a compatible Moon or not. They are romantic, warm and love big gestures. They need to know that they are your Number One.  They are prone to dream up a great future for them and their partner but fail to make that future happen in real life. If you two share the same goals and perspective on life, you might have a blissful future. If not, you’ll end up being the one ostracized for your mediocre views on life.

As with Scorpio, there is no middle ground. They know what is the best and while that may be true for their own sensibility, they fail to understand that other people have different sensibilities.

This can oftentimes be the downfall of the Leo Moons – failing to understand they, too, make mistakes.

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