Moon in Capricorn, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Aries  These natives are driven and ambitious. They are hard-working and goal-oriented and they will often stop at nothing to achieve what they want and what they want is to be the best and have the best. They believe that emotions are childish and, even though they have emotions, too, they will try to suppress them. They also have a tendency to mock other people’s emotions. They are paradoxically both depressed and full of energy to achieve what they set their mind to. At times, they are prone to self-victimization and self-pity.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Taurus  Even though this is a combination of two earth signs, these people are hardly grounded in reality. Instead, they have their own views of what the world/their life/friendship/love/etc. should be like and it is hard for them to accept any other view that contradicts their own. They strongly believe that their personal relationships can be successful if they apply reason, logic and hard work, instead of emotions. Their life is sort of a mathematical calculation and they can easily get lost in the world of feelings and emotions.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Gemini  These people display a funny and outgoing persona, but deep down they are very morose and prone to being depressed. They want to have everything under control, yet having control somehow always escapes them. They are always dwelling between wanting to have fun and wanting to work hard and be successful in life. It’s difficult for them to completely relax even though they seem easy-going. This is because they take life way too seriously. They are good and loyal friends.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer These two signs are opposed to each other meaning that the native will have serious issues with showing emotions. They can be rigid and sometimes harsh and they are prone to being judgemental. They are emotional but they don’t want to admit it either to themselves or to others. They take life way too seriously and they often can’t deal with life because with the intense push and pull they feel on the inside. Their needs (Moon) and wants (Sun) are clashing constantly. They are usually withdrawn because it’s difficult for them to open up and trust others. They are usually suspicious of emotions even though they may not show it.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Leo These natives are hard-working and ambitious. Oftentimes, they are larger than life and can live beyond their means. They have good hearts and can be taken advantage of easily because they can be naive. They can be too set in their ways that they can’t see or accept any solution that is not their own. They are honorable to a fault. They are not flexible in their ways of thinking and can even get angry if you have a different opinion. They are good friends and would do everything they can to help you.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Virgo This is a hard-working native who takes life very seriously. They are goal-oriented and see security in their personal success. They don’t understand emotions very well and they can often be judgemental and harsh in their criticisms. They think they are helping you, but their lack of empathy can often bring you down. They are very helpful and when they like/love you, they will do anything for you, except being your emotional support because they don’t know how to do that. Instead, they will run errands for you and buy you stuff (even things you don’t really need).

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Libra Libra and Capricorn are naturally in a hard aspect (square) which shows as the native’s inner tension between their character (Sun) and their personality (Moon). They want to be on a good foot with everyone but at the same time, they can’t help but be critical and inflexible. They want to help people in need but only under their own terms because they believe they know best. Deep down they are very emotional but they will often spend their entire life pretending those emotions don’t exist.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Scorpio These natives are both spiritual and materialistic. They are interested in everything outwardly but are also well-rooted in this world. They have a strong need to be the provider of the family and will feel bad and/or depressed if they can’t do that. They are deeply emotional but see it as a weakness. They usually feel confused in this world because they have a very strict and inflexible view of how life should be like. They are not very adaptable and this can often be a huge problem for them.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Sagittarius This native is prone to depression because of the way they feel and want to be like are so different from one another. On one hand, they want to be carefree and explore the world with the naivety of a child. On the other, they see life as a struggle and their need is to succeed in life. These contradictions between their needs (Moon) and wants (Sun) can often stun them in the professional sense until they get to reconcile the two and actually use both their Sun and Moon as their strength and not their weakness.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Capricorn Paradoxically, the conjunction between two Capricorn placements (Sun and Moon) can create a quite reckless personality, the contrary of what you would expect from having such a strong Capricorn influence. They want to succeed in life and they are ambitious but because they neglect their emotions so much and pretend they don’t exist, they can get burnt out easily. They are too set in their ways and inflexible that they can often stun their own success by being so stubborn. It’s usually their way or the highway and they can’t understand what’s wrong with that.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Aquarius This is a goal-oriented Aquarius with a great sense of justice and integrity. They are willing to help but will not overstep their boundaries. They can often be caught up in wishful thinking but will rarely admit it. They dream of great things but it depends on the rest of their chart if they are able to achieve them or not. Their biggest issue is with accepting and valuing emotions both in others and in themselves.

Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Pisces These natives are materialistic daydreamers. They love to think about success but they rarely accomplish their big dreams unless they have a fiery Mars. They are usually irresponsible with money, saving on small or irrelevant things and giving big sums of money to people they shouldn’t. They feel a great responsibility towards people they barely know. They are great friends who will do anything for those they love but can be easily taken advantage of.

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