Moon in Capricorn in Love

Moon represents our emotions, how we truly feel, regardless of what we show to the world. In terms of love, Moon shows how a person will behave in an intimate and long-term relationship. It’s not just about flirting and romance, it’s much deeper than that. Moon tells us how we approach love, what we need from a relationship, and how we are in a serious relationship. Mars and Venus are more connected to romance and flirting, while Moon is all about deep emotions and love. Bear in mind that Moon is felt very intensely by the native but the rest of the people will rarely see and experience those emotions (unlike withs Mars and Venus, whose characteristics are more immediately perceived). Moon is mostly shown in intimate relationships and to people who are very close to the native, sun as family, close friends, and long-term romantic partners. Short-term lovers may not be able to clearly perceive the native’s Moon even though it is the Moon who dictates our deepest emotions, and therefore influences the behavior that can be moderately or drastically modified or even amplified by Mars and Venus signs.

The sign of Capricorn is not known to be overly emotional. In fact, they are known for not expressing their emotions well or at all. That doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions, they do like everyone else, but their approach to emotions is very peculiar. Another earth sign, Virgo, is also known for not knowing how to deal with emotions, but unlike Capricorn, they acknowledge emotions but don’t know what to do with them. Capricorn, on the other hand, would prefer they didn’t have emotions at all.

Moon is the planet of emotion and when Capricorn inhabits it, it doesn’t go well. These natives are constantly confused and baffled by their emotional world, even if their Sun-sign is more emotion-friendly (like Cancer or Pisces). They know they have emotions, but they don’t know what to do with them. They are not hiding them on purpose, like Scorpio Moon, they genuinely think that the world would be a better and more orderly place if it weren’t for emotions. So, what do they do with their emotions? Hide them, even from themselves. It’s not uncommon to hear a Moon in Capricorn native commenting emotional displays of other people as “childish”. And this is how they see emotions: as childish and not serious. Because they see themselves as serious people, emotions only get in the way of the way they want to present themselves to the world. 

This doesn’t mean that they are robots and that they never ever show their emotions. On the inside, they know they have emotions like everyone else. They feel as deeply as everyone else. The problem comes when they have to express them.

Moon in Capricorns are quite cautious with their emotions, so don’t expect them to open up easily (or at all). When they fall in love, they know it right away. They are very much aware of who they are in love with. The expression of that love may be weird, though. Because they are so awkward when it comes to emotions, they may be awkward around the person they are into, too. While they are confident when it comes to work and other aspects of their lives, in love they are just awkward. They don’t know how to behave or what to say. This leads them to either say nothing and be a distant observer avoiding making the first move for as long as possible, or “jump in” (in their case it’s never that easy) and be awkward or even erratic around their love interest (it depends on other aspects in the chart). This basically means that they will either seem aloof and not interested while being totally afraid to approach you or that they will be always around and being weird about it. Depending on the position of their Mars they may even look like they see you as just a friend.

Because their way of showing interest and love is devoid of romanticism, half the way you may think they’re not into you. They may talk about other people that they like (while they may not like them at all) in hopes that would somehow impress you. Or they may organize a date and bring their friends with them (which doesn’t look like a date at all). They may hang around the person they are into a lot and pretend they are not interested. It’s their thing – hiding emotions, especially those as strong as love. They don’t want to appear childish and immature and, as we said before, in their minds strong emotions equal immaturity. 

Even though these natives may appear that they have everything under control (it’s very important for them to appear like that, first to themselves, then to other people), deep down they are scared to be rejected. They want to be sure about the other person’s emotions towards them before doing anything. They don’t want to appear stupid in the case that the other person doesn’t like them. This can be a huge problem if their love interest is also afraid of rejection as it can prolong flirting, making the first move, or even entering a relationship for quite some time, sometimes even leading to no relationship at all.

On the other hand, Moon in Capricorn may try to find that affection they crave by sticking to bad relationships and abusive people. Even though they don’t like emotions, they can be very emotionally needy but beware of telling them that, because they certainly don’t like to hear it. They prefer to continue living in their bubble where they pretend they have everything under control. Moon in Capricorn natives who also have Mars in water signs are especially prone to making bad decisions in love and relationships, often finding (emotionally) abusive partners and subconsciously sabotaging good relationships that come their way. 

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