Moon in Cancer, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Aries This is not an easy combination. On one hand, the native is pushy and very active, always going forward no matter the obstacles and consequences. On the other hand, this is a very emotional and gentle person, (over)sensitive to everything around them. They are not generally problem-makers but they are oftentimes confused by their conflicting nature.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Taurus This is a gentle and little active person. They are preoccupied with comfort and living a good life (within their means). They will take care not only of themselves but of their loved ones as well. They are usually family-oriented and will dedicate their time to providing a comfortable life for their family of choice.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Gemini These two complement each other nicely because they are neighboring signs. A person is lively yet not aggressive. They like to talk but are often good listeners, too. They are intellectual but also very emotional. They may be prone to talk more about their emotions than the other Cancer Moons and that can be good for balancing out the inner life.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Cancer Unlike many other Sun/Moon conjunctions, this combination is not very favorable. Yes, there will be no difference between the wants (Sun) and the needs (Moon) but the crab-like traits will be enhanced, particularly the negative ones. This native is more prone to sulking and pouting. Furthermore, they cannot understand that there is life beyond their own inner life and that there are people who are different from them.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Leo This native is proud and soft at the same time. They will be there for their loved ones and will stick with them through thick and thin. Still, Leo here adds to the problem. Leo is proud and Cancer over-sensitive. They may try to hide that they got hurt but they are prone to emotionally manipulative behavior.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Virgo Even though these two signs are in sextile (a positive aspect), their approach to emotions is very different. Cancer Moon is very intuned with their emotions while Virgo Sun doesn’t know what to do with them. Apart from being very sensitive, they are prone to being overly-critical and controlling. They believe that they know the right path and they’ll make sure that you follow it, too. After all, it’s for your own good.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Libra These two signs are in square, yet it’s a surprisingly harmonious combination. Libra and Cancer have a common goal – they want peace and cordial relationships. They don’t like upheavals or imbalance. That’s why these two signs can work very well in achieving the same life goals.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Scorpio This is a far better combination than Sun in Cancer/Moon in Scorpio. Cancer gives much softer and less brooding qualities to the Scorpio Sun individual. They are warm and caring people. Still, they are not pushovers and are not someone who can be trifled with. They stand their ground. Their emotions are rather nourishing for both them and their entourage instead of being dark and devastating.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Sagittarius This is an optimistic person, with tons of positive energy and love to share. Here, optimism meets softer emotions. The native is caring and emotional with an easygoing personality. Their heart is warm and they love to share ideas.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn This native is very emotional, yet very reserved. Cancer and Capricorn are in opposition and this native will have an extra hard time expressing their feelings. Unlike other Capricorns, the native will be aware of their feelings, but they will do their best to hide them.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Aquarius This is an odd combination. Aquarius doesn’t understand emotions or recognize them as valid. Cancer, on the other hand, is very emotional and sensitive. This will create a person with a strong inner conflict that will be rather subconscious than conscious. The native will struggle to make sense of their two different natures but they will almost never be aware that they are struggling.

Moon in Cancer, Sun in Pisces This is a seemingly good combination that has its fair share of negative traits. On a positive note, this is a romantic and emotional person. They are loving and caring but only as long as it serves their idealized view of life. They can be manipulative and are prone to self-victimization in order to guilt-trip others into doing what they want.

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