Moon in Cancer Overview

Moon is in domicile in Cancer. This means that, since Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, it feels at home with this sign. Moon represents emotions, the inner self, our personality and needs and well as the feminine energy and the mother.

The reason Moon feels best when in Cancer is because Cancer embodies all the qualities Moon represents: Cancer is caring and emotional, introspective and (usually) family oriented. Cancer Moons are unusually perceptive when it comes to emotions, even more than Cancer Suns. They seem to instinctively know how you feel and what you need and will do their best to take care of your emotional needs. That is unless they are too preoccupied with their own emotions that they have to put you on hold until they sort their problems out. It’s not that they don’t want to help you, because they do, but their own emotions can at times be so overwhelming that they have to deal with them first.

If, on the other hand, a Cancer Moon native is not dealing with the intense emotions of their own, they are the best confidants you can find. They will listen to you and actually care about what you’re saying. If you feel bad, they will feel bad, too (if they like you, of course). They have very warm and soothing energy unless they go into their crabby moods and start sulking. Nevertheless, their sulking behavior is not destructive and they will try to smooth things over as soon as their emotions are stabilized.

If poorly aspected, they are prone to pushing their way, sulking and pouting when things don’t go as they wished. They want peace and harmony but on their terms. Luckily, because they do genuinely care about others, if you present them your case from the emotional point of view, they are likely to concede. The key with a Cancer Moon is always emotion. Because they see the world through the lenses of their feelings, they will be sympathetic to your feeling as well.

The biggest problem for anyone with strong Cancer influence, be it Sun, Moon, personal planets or Imum Coeli in combination with two or more of the personal planets/Luminaries, is the insecurity. That’s the main issue all the other issues stem from. Because Cancer is so insecure it very often results in all of the selfish and manipulative behavior. Let me be clear here – Cancers are not manipulative because they want to or because of some devious reasons. No. Cancers are manipulative because they don’t feel safe. If a Cancer would feel safe, all of this wouldn’t be an issue.

Moon in Cancer people are avid of love and acceptance. It’s not only that they want to receive love, but they also want to give love… big time. They are very perceptive of other people’s emotions but because of the insecurities we mentioned before, a Cancer Moon person also tends to read into things that are not there, like taking a slight from a simple, misinterpreted look.

Depending on the rest of the chart, If the Cancer Moon native doesn’t get the attention they need, they might seek it through passive-aggression. They will not be doing it on purpose or even be aware that they are doing it, but if they feel that the other person is not giving them the amount of attention they feel they deserve, they may either attack the other person (verbally) or sulk and pout until that other person does what they want.

Nevertheless, when they do care about you, they are capable of moving mountains for you. Because they are so intuned with your feelings, they will do important things for you that you haven’t even asked them to. They will take care of you and your emotional needs as long as you show them enough attention and love and, for them, it’s almost never enough.

If you find yourself in any kind of trouble, rest assured that these people will make their own personal mission to help you out, no matter what. Remember that video of a crab (animal) helping out his crab friend? Cancer Moon natives are like that – they might not know how to help themselves, but they will risk everything to help you if they truly care for you.

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