Moon in Aquarius, Sun in… – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Aries These natives are optimistic and active. They can be strong-headed at times and unwilling to change their mind. They may feel entitled and think the world owes them something. Generally, they make good friends and they like to be surrounded by people. They are natural leaders and almost everything revolves around them.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Taurus This is a square which creates a conflict between personality (Moon) and character (Taurus). These natives want a good and stable life but their Moon makes their emotional needs too eccentric for their character. They like everything unusual and different but at the same time they don’t like change, hence they don’t like things that are different from what they’ve been accustomed to. It’s a paradox and these natives constantly live in it.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Gemini These natives are friendly and usually easy-going. They believe in fairness and the free flow of information. They want to help everyone but are usually too lazy to do so. They like beautiful and unusual things. They are prone to living in a fantasy world of their own instead of living in the real world which often makes them miss out on a lot of opportunities for enriching their life. They can be stubborn at times and it’s difficult to get them to do something if they don’t want to.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Cancer These natives seem kind and gentle but can be authoritarian at times. They want the best for their friends and family but they often think that only their way is the right way. They are prone to being nervous which they will often hide though it can show from time to time in their outbursts of anger. They can be manipulative and controlling though they are rarely aware of this.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo These people have strong integrity and they like to be liked by everyone. They will often have a smile on their face no matter the life circumstances because they believe that showing discontent is a sign of weakness. They think very highly of themselves even though they may not admit it. They usually have problems with expressing emotions and can seem emotionally cold and distant to others despite their sunny appearance. 

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Virgo Aquarius gives Virgo an extra sense of being different. These natives will often revel in the idea that they are special though deep down they are prone to be very unhappy. They are attention seekers and love to portray their life as being better than what it really is. They generally make good friends though they can be overbearing at times, demanding too much from their friends and family.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Libra These natives are friendly and compassionate though they would rather see life in a rational and not in an emotional way. Even though they are compassionate, they would rather pretend emotions didn’t exist which can thwart their friendships and relationships because of their inability to have a real emotional connection with people. They like to be the center of the group, though not necessarily the center of attention. They can’t stand being alone and you would rarely see this native going anywhere alone.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Scorpio These natives are a contradiction walking on two legs. On one hand, they are very emotional, but on the other, they feel emotions as far apart from their being as possible. Often, they would prefer if they would never have to deal with emotions. On the positive side, they are very outgoing and generally make good friends. They are also very helpful though they can easily become suspicious and argumentative.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Sagittarius These natives are easy-going and fun to be around. They like to talk about everything under the sun. They love being surrounded by people and you will rarely see them without a company. They love their freedom and fast-paced life. They are usually on trend with things that are new and hip. They approach life from a rational point of view and generally think that everything can be solved with reason. They see the silver lining in everything.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Capricorn These people are ambitious, down-to-earth and emotionally detached. They love chit-chatting with friends and usually have a lot of friends and acquaintances. They have a strong drive to achieve a lot in life though they may not show it. They may sometimes look nonchalant to others but they can be very calculating.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius This is a conjunction meaning that Aquarius traits will be doubled. It can be either good or bad depending on the person. These natives generally love friends and being surrounded by them. Even though they are very friendly and upbeat, they don’t understand emotions very well which can be a huge problem in intimate relationships whether romantic or otherwise. They are prone to going their own way no matter what without taking other people and their feelings into account.

Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces These natives may look detached on the outside but they are real softies on the inside. They are romantic and true dreamers and their heart’s desire is to help people around them. They are very creative and have big and sometimes crazy ideas but can often fail to make them a reality because they can’t distinguish between their imagination and what is necessary to do to make it work.

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