Moon in Aquarius Overview

Moon in Aquarius natives don’t understand emotions very well. In fact, they pretend emotions don’t exist. For them, emotions are something out there, something weird and incomprehensible. 

Moon in Aquarius people actually do understand their own emotions, though only the positive ones. When they don’t understand are other people’s emotions. It’s difficult for them to get that other people have emotions, too. If others display only positive and friendly emotions towards the natives, they will be happy and content without bothering much about anything. 

On the other hand, natives with this Moon can’t understand well enough that others can get hurt, especially when they get hurt by the natives. They don’t mean to hurt anyone and they get genuinely surprised that their actions have negative effects on others. Since they are not prone to learn from experience, they will hardly understand that they did anything wrong. 

Aquarius and Leo are on the same axis and, though opposites, they share the same basic traits though they process them in different ways (hence the opposition). If Leo Moon natives have a strong sense of self-importance and the need to prove the need that they have only the best stuff, Aquarius Moon natives actually despise that kind of egocentric behavior. Aquarius is a selfless and detached sign (selfless here doesn’t mean that they are inherently good or very helpful; it means that the point of Aquarius is to become detached from the ego, the needs, and desires), and they are genuinely not interested in being the best. But, and there is always a but, they will still have that Leonic trait of being the best though in a different way.

Let me explain this. Leo Moon wants to be the best. An Aquarius Moonwant to be the best by proxy. Instead of them being in the spotlight they build their own ego by either being different or loving/having things that are different and unusual. How many Aquarius Moon natives have you heard saying they like unusual things? This is a form of being the best by proxy. They are not seen as the best but as unusual and different because of the things they like/have. They are the oddballs of society but in a cool way. Compare them with hipsters who are seen as different and cool because of the way they dress and behave. Unlike a Leo Moon native who will praise themselves, an Aquarius Moon will praise what they have, what they have achieved, etc. without shifting the attention to themselves per se. Nevertheless, they will still unwittingly find the way to the spotlight. 

Moon in Aquarius natives are very friendly. In fact, they love being surrounded by friends and acquaintances. They are rarely alone and their homes often look like train stations with people coming and going frequently. People also naturally gravitate towards Moon in Aquarius and it is a rare sight to find an Aqua Moon native having problems socializing. 

Even though Aquarius is a sign associated with emotional detachment, Moon in Aquarius natives are everything but emotionally detached when it comes to love. They love the idea of being in a relationship and have someone who they can share everything with. Paradoxically, they need to be in a relationship even more than Libra Moons who are generally associated with marriage and relationships. Being in a relationship is food for their soul.

We can’t disregard the infamous Aquarian emotional detachment, though. Even though Moon in Aquarius natives love being in a relationship, those relationships are rarely deep on an emotional level and are rarely real. Love for them is more like a project or a favorite hobby than a real emotional bonding with another person. They want it to be the way they envisioned it to be: usually their relationships are an elevated friendship with lots of hanging out. 

These natives usually want to be with their partner all the time. Yet, they are treating them more as friends than lovers and don’t understand what’s going on when their SO start demanding more from them on an emotional level. They think they are doing everything for their partner because they spend a lot of time together, so this can be very confusing for these natives. 

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