Moon in Aquarius in Love

Moon represents our emotions, how we truly feel, regardless of what we show to the world. In terms of love, Moon shows how a person will behave in an intimate and long-term relationship. It’s not just about flirting and romance, it’s much deeper than that. Moon tells us how we approach love, what we need from a relationship, and how we are in a serious relationship. Mars and Venus are more connected to romance and flirting, while Moon is all about deep emotions and love. Bear in mind that Moon is felt very intensely by the native but the rest of the people will rarely see and experience those emotions (unlike withs Mars and Venus, whose characteristics are more immediately perceived). Moon is mostly shown in intimate relationships and to people who are very close to the native, sun as family, close friends, and long-term romantic partners. Short-term lovers may not be able to clearly perceive the native’s Moon even though it is the Moon who dictates our deepest emotions, and therefore influences the behavior that can be moderately or drastically modified or even amplified by Mars and Venus signs.

The sign of Aquarius is often seen as detached and unemotional. Even though their primary focus is on not-so-emotional things, when it comes to love they are more than interested in it. They love to spend time with people and spending time with someone who they are also physically attracted to is very important to them. In that they are quite similar to Libra because both Moon signs see relationships as an important aspect of their lives. You’ll rarely see an Aquarius Moon without a partner, though if they don’t have one they may as well be thinking and fantasizing about having them. It’s not in the nature of an Aquarius Moon to be alone. On the emotional level, they crave to be with someone.

When a Moon in Aquarius gets interested in someone, they don’t waste much time. They are not the quiet and observant type. Instead, they’ll approach that person in a friendly way. They’ll invite you out, talk to you, talk about mutual interests, and spend a lot of time together. They like to be seen with their partner (or potential partner). It’s as if it gives them some kind of status in their social circles. They are not loner types. For them, having a partner is as important as having friends, meaning that, when they fall out of love, they usually don’t stay single for long. They might because of life circumstances, but it’s not in their nature to be single for longer periods of time. 

When they fall in love they won’t be quiet about it. The first ones to know how they feel are their friends, so if you hear that Moon in Aquarius’ friends are talking about you (or at least know about you), it’s a sure sign that they like you a lot. They love showing off their partner to their circle of friends (and acquaintances, because these natives have a lot of both). 

In a stable relationship, they may become fickle and/or overbearing. They love novelty and unpredictability. The routine kills them but then again, being in a stable relationship means at least some amount of routine and predictability. No one can be constantly mysterious. No one can constantly keep other people on their toes. Especially if they are in a relationship or are living together. Some of that magic inevitably disappears and it’s the beauty of a solid, stable relationship. It’s not like Moon in Aquarius are bad at commitment, but they may feel angsty and cooped up if everything in their couple life becomes (too) predictable. This leads them to being prone to cheating on their partners just because they are constantly searching for novelty. 

If they are not into someone or they fall out of love, they simply won’t stick around as much or at all. With them it’s quite simple – when they are into someone they are always there, super happy to be around them. If they are not, they just won’t bother to spend their precious time with someone they’re not into. They may cancel plans, pretend they are busy, all the while spending time with someone new. 

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