Mars in Leo Men in Love

Mars plays a very important role in our emotional lives. It says a lot about how we react to people and events but it also represents our sexual energy and how we behave when in love. In male’s chart, Mars represents how he behaves with the woman he loves, how he flirts, etc. while in the female’s chart it represents what characteristics she looks for in a man. 

When Mars in Leo man is in love, he is an embodiment of a true aristocrat. He wants to look good, smell good and be the perfect gentleman. Mars in Leo man is not only concerned about his looks but he wants to make his girl feel like a true goddess. Because Mars in Leo men generally behave like this when flirting, a girl he is only interested in on a superficial level but not in love with, will receive the same treatment. This can often confuse women who believe that if he is behaving like a true gentleman, he must be head over heels for her. It’s not always the case.

These men are romantic in nature and they like to create a perfect atmosphere for their dates. It doesn’t have to include roses and candles (it’s a personal preference), but they will do their best to make the girl they are dating feel special. Again, though, they may not be in love with her for her to feel special with them. Mars in Leo men aren’t usually aware of what they are doing as it comes naturally to them. They may not think of themselves as a romantic person, but they will behave like one when they are courting a girl. As I said before, this can be very confusing to women who will, naturally, think that they’ve found The One, while in reality, it may be far from the truth. This can lead to many disappointments later on, because “he displayed all the typical signs of being in love”. 

The question here is this – how can a woman distinguish id he loves her or is just superficially interested? It can be difficult, depending on the rest of the chart. With some men, consistency is the key – if he sticks around, it can show that he truly likes you. For other men, though, who have a strong influence of “people-pleaser” signs such as Cancer and Libra, the only way is to follow your instinct or, better said, to feel if he has feelings for you or not (it can be felt). 

Generally speaking, these men are loyal of you prove to be loyal to them, not just in terms of cheating, but also in terms of feeling happy around him. If he senses that you are bored with him or not 100% in it, he can start fantasizing about a new and exciting love affair.

Leo is a sign that is youthful and energetic. They like the idea of a new romance and all the energy it brings into their life. If your relationship is becoming stale and lackluster, he will try to mend it but it doesn’t guarantee that his mind will not be somewhere else – somewhere more exciting.

On the other hand, if Mars in Leo men are in a committed and serious relationship where they have responsability towards other people, such as his wife and children, he will rarely wander off. Leo is a responsible sign that is proud and full of integrity. For them, it is immoral to abandon their family and loved ones just because of some trivial things. 

Mars in Leo is a good provider (not just in terms of financial but most importantly emotional support) and someone their loved ones can rely on.

Don’t try to steal their show, though, and never compare them to others and/or, God forbid, past lovers. No one likes that, but a Mars in Leo man can take it as a personal insult and can easily and quickly convert love to hate.

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