Mars in Aries Men in Love

Mars plays a very important role in our emotional lives. It says a lot about how we react to people and events but it also represents our sexual energy and how we behave when in love. In male’s chart, Mars represents how he behaves with the woman he loves, how he flirts, etc., while in the female’s chart it represents what characteristics she looks for in a man. 


Mars in Aries doesn’t take no for an answer. They are a chaser and when they have someone in their mind and in their heart they will stop at nothing to get her. Even if he has other planets that show a more laid-back and even shy personality, when it comes to the one he wants, he can get very focused and active. They can be stubborn at times and pursue the object of their desires without taking obstacles or flat out rejection into account. They rarely get rejected, though.


They can get very infatuated very easily. They need constant stimulation and there is no better stimulation than a new conquest. This is why a Mars in Cancer man is more prone to cheating than some other Mars signs. Usually, it’s not because they don’t love their girlfriend/wife, but because they love the thrill of the chase. When they know they got you hooked, they don’t have to chase you and they can get bored. Of course, this doesn’t happen to all Mars in Aries men, but there is a greater possibility of cheating with this Mars position.


Mars in Aries loves the excitement and they like to do new, fun and exciting things with the woman they love. They may take her to a sports match, a hike, a concert or anything that is high in adrenaline. They love to share their adrenaline with their woman…


Mars in Aries men are not the ones that like to settle down and lead a boring kind when in a stable relationship. In fact, they will probably continue doing all the stuff they did with their girl when they just started dating. It depends more on the girl they are with if  they will be forced into a Homer Simpson kind of life. These natives are definitely not Homer Simpsons so a girl doesn’t have to worry that her hubby will turn into a couch potato after some time in the relationship. Action wise, it’s what you see is what you get, unless the rest of the chart is significantly different. 


Aries is a cardinal sign, meaning that it is a sign that initiates. Even if the rest of the chart shows a shy and indecisive guy, when he likes a girl he will go after her and she will know it. Another fellow cardinal position – Mars in Cancer – also initiates but in such a covert and roundabout way that only a flirting savvy woman can pick up the signs.


With a guy with this planetary position, a girl doesn’t need to hunt for clues and wonder for days on end if he likes her or not. Even if she doesn’t generally know how to read the love signs, with this guy she’ll know. Mars in Aries doesn’t hide their motivation especially not in love. They know that, if they want to get something, they have to go for it. They don’t beat around the bush like Mars in Cancer does. They always make sure that you get their intentions clearly. 


Their flirting style is clear and straightforward. They love the thrill of the chase. They love to be the pursuer. Aries is a warrior who wants to win and in love, a girl is their prize. It doesn’t mean that this man will treat his girl as a trophy. Precisely because he cares so much about her and because he made a lot of effort to get her, he will know how to love and cherish her. 


The reason he rarely backs off in his advances is because he only has his eyes on the goal. He doesn’t care about the obstacles. He doesn’t dwell on what ifs. He doesn’t have a problem making a decision and sticking to it.


Mars in Aries men are not selfish lovers both in sex and in a relationship. In fact, they are very generous. If they are happy, they want to share their happiness with the girl they love. They want her to feel good in every way because that, in return, makes them feel happy. 


The only true downfall to a relationship with a Mars in Aries guy is boredom. And rules. They are the ones who like to make the rules and they will not take it easy if a girl wants them to change, behave in a certain way, etc. They are who they are and they will rarely change for anyone. A girl who understands that and doesn’t try to change him will reap all the benefits of being with a Mars in Aries man.


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