Know Thyself: A Look Into The Past Lives

Who are you? How many times have you asked yourself that question? Many people don’t; many people just assume that they are who the society tells them they are and that’s it. They don’t question their true Self; they don’t search for it. They don’t care. Whether it is just fear or pure laziness, people simply don’t care.

There are many ways of discovering the Self – one is understanding your own past.

We may pretend that past has no influence on the present, on who we are now, that it is just something that happened and that we can easily shake it off. It’s not that easy, not to say that it’s impossible (and it is impossible). Our past is deeply embedded into our very code. Our likes and dislikes, tastes, beliefs and pretty much every other little things that we do and are is the result of our past. We cannot escape it. It is what it is. That’s why it’s so important to understand your past in order to understand who you really are.

But there’s a catch. Your past is not only what you’ve lived now, but all your previous existences as well. Have you ever had a fear of something that you didn’t know the origin of? Or have you ever had the feeling that what you are now is not only the product of what you experienced in this life?

You see, psychology and psychiatry alike tend to ascribe the feelings that you have towards something that are not the product of your current life circumstances as the delusions of your mind. Depending on whether you sound to them as other people (that is if your other thoughts and feelings do not differ from those of the majority) you will be given the diagnoses of either a small and benign delusion or a serious disorder. In either case, though, the therapists won’t try to get to the bottom of the problem, instead dismissing it as something abnormal. The question is, what if it is not? What if the therapy focused only on your present life is doing you more harm than good? Think of it in terms of your current life – if something bad happened to you, wouldn’t it be counter-productive and very harmful that the very people you are seeking help from are telling you that you are delusional? The same goes for your previous existences – if metempsychosis exists, then it is very dangerous not to accept it.

Now again, we don’t know if it is real or not. We have numerous, countless accounts of proven past lives – those whose memories matches the actual facts from history. Does that prove the existence of metempsychosis? Probably yes. In fact, if scientists weren’t adamant in proving that materialism is the only reality (again, materialism does not disprove metempsychosis as what we call “soul” may as well be a cluster of atoms) they would undoubtedly say that it exists, as it is unscientific to dismiss a phenomena just because you don’t want to believe in it (don’t you see how this connects science with religion?).

Imagine that it is real, that metempsychosis is as true as us being here right here and right now. Imagine, at least for a second, that you had previous existences here on Earth, that you lived, loved, laughed and suffered many times before. That you were abandoned, tortured and murdered. That maybe, just maybe, the best time of your entire existence was many centuries ago. That you loved and lost. Imagine that it was all real. That the reason you love Chine now even though you have nothing to do with Chine and have never been there to establish any connection to it in terms of great memories, imagine that it is because you lived there and that you had a great life. Wouldn’t it be enough to love Chine even though you have no connection to it now? Wouldn’t it be logical?

In the case that all of this is true, what kind of implication does it have on our current lives? Comparing it to what happens in this life, the life circumstances and all of that, it is safe to say that the implications are enormous. Coupled with the fact that who you are and what had happened to you is largely stored in your subconsciousness, it is even more important to bring all those hidden and forgotten memories to the surface in order to deal with them.

Every therapist will tell you the same – things that hide beneath the surface of the consciousness are far more dangerous than the things that you are aware of.

Don’t dismiss metempsychosis just because the society you are living in is dismissing it. There were societies that believed that the Earth was flat and it isn’t. Remembering your previous existences is crucial in the understanding of the Self. It’s not just a funny game, just an ego-inflating delusion of the poor and wretched. If it is real, then it is the most powerful thing there is, without which you will never be able to understand who you are.

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