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Why Are Some People Easily Manipulated?

Everyone can be manipulated. It’s a fact. No one can completely escape it, no one is immune to it. Even the greatest manipulators have been manipulated in the course of their lives. It’s natural. It’s not something you should be ashamed of. Many people believe that when they get manipulated (and become aware of it, and, let’s face it, the first step of getting out of the clutches of a manipulator is to become aware that you are being manipulated), it’s something that only could have happened to them. No one else in the entire world would ever allow people to manipulate them.… Read more “Why Are Some People Easily Manipulated?”

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The Benefits of Expressing Negative Emotions

No one likes feeling negative emotions such as sadness, anger, anguish and so on. They make us feel bad, make our world shatter. They can be good for us, right? Wrong. Allowing ourselves to experience negative emotions can actually be beneficial for our mental health. Let me explain.

When you suppress negative emotions you create a mental and emotional problem. Negative emotions breed more negative emotions and what you end up doing is thinking about them instead of letting them go. What happens basically is that you get angry or sad or feel down about something and instead of letting yourself live through those emotions and let them go, you start overthinking things and getting yourself deeper and deeper down the spiral of negativity and despair.… Read more “The Benefits of Expressing Negative Emotions”

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Why is it Important to Know Yourself?

You’ve probably heard this many times before – so many gurus, spiritualists, and others tell you that it’s important to know yourself. Unfortunately, they often deceive people by not letting them actually get to know and understand themselves, instead leading them to accept the guru’s version of themselves. It might not seem as much, but the thing is – you should be your own version of yourself, not someone else’s version of what they think you should be. It doesn’t matter if their intentions are good, and most of the time they are, the important things is that it’s not who you truly are.… Read more “Why is it Important to Know Yourself?”


Intuition or Wishful Thinking: How to Distinguish Between Intuition and Fears and Desires?

Intuition is something that is innate to every single one of us. There is no single person in the world who can say they don’t have intuition. We all have it. The problem is that we either don’t listen to it or – we can’t even recognize it. In this article, we’ll be dealing not so much with why you should listen to your intuition more, but with how to recognize intuition in the first place.

Let me first start by saying that, no matter how easy it seems to be able to recognize your own intuition, it’s not always the case.… Read more “Intuition or Wishful Thinking: How to Distinguish Between Intuition and Fears and Desires?”