Mars in Scorpio Men in Love

Mars plays a very important role in our emotional lives. It says a lot about how we react to people and events but it also represents our sexual energy and how we behave when in love. In male’s chart, Mars represents how he behaves with the woman he loves, how he flirts, etc. while in the female’s chart it represents what characteristics she looks for in a man. 

Men with Mars in Scorpio may appear mysterious and confident. It’s hard to guess what’s on his mind, but when it comes to love there is no much guessing – he’ll make sure you know that he’s into you. It’s not just his confidence speaking, it’s actually the survival mode he gets into whenever he has to take action – eat or be eaten. It’s not a pride thing like with Mars in Leo men, it’s more of a – if I don’t get her, someone else will. That’s why it’s not so difficult to figure out that a Mars in Scorpio man has an eye on you. 

Mars in Scorpio men can become quite obsessive quite easily and, based on your own personality and what you want out of a relationship, it can be flattering or downright exhausting. It’s not just that he would want to be with you all the time but, depending on how deep his insecurities run, in extreme cases he has a tendency to be stalkerish, jealous and controlling. Actually, almost all Mars in Scorpio men have a jealous streak but whether and how they will express it depends on the rest of their natal chart. 

That being said, if he truly cares about you, he will try to cater to your needs. He is very passionate and you will feel it, no doubt. He’s also very protective and will never let anyone harm you. Still, he is not beyond playing mind games if he is not confident enough that you like him back. If you are not clear and honest about your emotions, he may start putting you through tests to prove that you really love him and not someone else. He may send you mixed messages by being super hot for a period of time and then retreating, which can make you very confused. This hot and cold game that he is playing can happen when he feels jealous, too, which is quite often. 

As I said before, when he is not insecure and is not testing you, he is quite loving. He is able to express his deepest feelings, if not verbally then definitely through intimacy. Mars rules sexuality and in Scorpio, it can get its full potential. Mars in Scorpio men are very sexual and they are not afraid to show it in the bedroom, meaning that most men with this position have a natural knack for satisfying their partners.

When you two get together, he won’t be above testing your loyalty from time to time. No matter how great things are going between you, an off comment or something someone said may trigger his suspicions and he’ll do his best to find out the truth. No matter how faithful you are to him, the more emotionally attached to you he gets, the more afraid he will be of losing you. If you want to keep him, make sure to reassure him that you truly do love him.

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