Moon in Pisces, Sun in – Moon/Sun Combinations

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Aries This native’s energy levels may vary depending on numerous reasons. It’s not your typical energetic Aries. These natives are sweet and gentle and can often be shy and reserved towards new people and situations. They are very dreamy but they have the willpower to make their dreams come true if only it wasn’t for their insecurities. They are in love with love though this can make them easily manipulated.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Taurus This is a pragmatic, yet also a spiritual native. They may look down to earth but deep down they are very emotional and dreamy. They are usually deep and profound, with a keen sense for arts. They are a good combination of pragmatism and materialism, and the emotional and philosophical side of life. Still, because of the Piscean dreamy and inconsistent nature and Taurian inertia, their greatest drawback is to take action and do something new and concreate.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Gemini These natives have a very scattered mind and are generally difficult to pin down. Usually, they are mild-mannered and they go with the flow, without thinking too much about the next step they are going to make in life. They can get hurt easily and are not above blaming others for how they feel. They can be both talkative and withdrawn which can easily confuse people.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Cancer This native is very soft and will rather withdraw than go after what they want if there are too many obstacles. These natives are very emotional and can even be over-sensitive because they are so in tune with their emotions and the emotional undercurrents of everything around them. They can be manipulative when their emotional needs are not met yet they are rarely aware of that behavior. 

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Leo These natives are proud and have gentle nature. They are very emotional and romantic. They are often in love with love and will often fantasize about romance. They can be slow to react and generally prefer a slower pace of life. Because they tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses they can often find themselves baffled by how insensitive the world can be. Still, they are not fools and they will not let others trample on them.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo These natives are very emotional but they don’t want to acknowledge it even to themselves. Even though they are emotional, they don’t know what to do with all those emotions and would rather pretend they didn’t exist. They like to help people and feel best when they are of use to those they love. They are very adaptable to people and situations to the point of losing their own identity. They can form strong attachments to their love interest but they are also prone to being whiny and manipulative if they feel the other person is not giving them enough attention.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Libra These natives have a tendency to be overly-agreeable. They don’t like to go into arguments and are prone to being people-pleasers. They are dreamy and their biggest dream is to find the love of their life. They like to be surrounded by people they trust and can share their dreams and ideas with. Still, they can use their emotions as the means of manipulation, even though they are probably not aware of it.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Scorpio These natives are very gentle and kind. Even though they may appear strong, they are very sensitive on the inside. They can be too sensitive for their own good. They can get angry easily but instead of lashing out, they are more likely to retreat and sulk. Once they feel offended, they will rarely forget it or let it go. They generally make good friends. However, their views on life may be too black and white which gives them the attitude of either adoring or hating people.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Sagittarius Even though these natives are kind and gentle, they may also seem very erratic at times and hard to pin down. They are prone to having mood swings that can change rapidly. At times they may confuse their entourage with both their shifting moods and thoughts. Still, their biggest dream is to have a carefree and happy life. They have a tendency to be nostalgic and wallow in sadness. They like to be surrounded by people and to have loads of fun.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Capricorn These natives have a reserved and hard exterior but deep down they are very emotional and sensitive. They prefer to guard their emotions by putting on this armor and showing the world they don’t care that much while, in fact, they want love just like everybody else. They are very empathetic and will try their best to help you out in times of need. They often bad judgment because they are torn between their strong intuition and their reason.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Aquarius These natives love life, they are very friendly but they are also very sensitive. They rarely plan what they are going to do and they often follow their strong intuition rather than reason. They can easily get taken advantage of because of their sensitivity and the need to help others. They have big ideas but can rarely finish them because they get lost in daydreaming. At heart, they are very romantic and long for a deep and meaningful connection with a partner.

Moon in Pisces, Sun in Pisces These natives are dreamers through and through. They are true romantics and they are in love with the love which can often bring them problems on an emotional plan. They are slow to react and prefer to go with the flow than to take initiative. They like to help others, though they can get so tangled up in their own emotions that they may become selfish and manipulative towards others.

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