Kreatsya Video: What is Kreatsya and why is creativity important?

Kreatsya is a social network dedicated to the creative process and to bringing creative people together.

Creativity is a somewhat misused term these days where many people believe that it is a trait of only the selected few (namely, artists). Also, it is still believed that some people are creative while others are not. That’s simply not true.

Creativity is an inborn trait of every single one of us, where we are artists or not. It is in us and all around us. It means creation, new ideas, and new possibilities.

It’s not just a product: a book, a painting or a song. Creativity is something that motivates us to be the better versions of ourselves, to search and discover the mysteries of life, to be curious about the world around us.

Creativity is not just an interest, it’s a passion. It’s a passion for life and ideas. That is why here you are not asked to choose your interests, but your passions. You don’t have to be a painter to be passionate about art nor to be a musician to be passionate about music.

Here you can find artists and non-artists alike who share the same passions, historians and history buffs, professional and amateur dancers, like-minded people you can learn from and sho can learn from you.

It is the creativity that brings us together. Let’s celebrate it!

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