False vs Real Past Life Memories

Past life memories (or pls memories) are hard to get and even harder to interpret. If we add that most of what we think of as pls memories are just the fabrication of our mind, you can imagine how difficult the whole situation is. 

Let me start by saying that it’s very easy to get a false pls memory. Oue brain plays tricks on us and when it’s combined with ego, it creates all sorts of fantastical scenarios in our heads. 

Psyche also plays a great part in false pls memories – one can want so badly to have pls memories that their mind will create false ones for them. 

We can’t ignore the fact that some people use reincarnation as a way to escape their harsh realities, subconsciously creating false pls that were either better than their current life or more interesting (for example, their pls persona died a horrible death and/or didn’t have a good life, but they were very famous – good examples of this would be claims of Romanovs’ lives, Marie Antoiu, etc). Please don’t get me wrong here – if reincarnation is real, then all those people should reincarnate at some point, which basically means that claiming to have been, say, Alexei Romanov, is not crazy and “out there” if there are sufficient proofs to back the claim up. If there are little to no proof, or the “proof” is very weak, such as saying that one looks like Alexei Romanov, then it doesn’t matter whether the past life was a famous one or it was a life of a medieval peasant – both claims are fabrications of the mind.

Let’s talk about what real pls memories look like. 

Pls memories look like current life memories, it’s just that they are from a different time period.

It’s simple as that. A pls memory looks and feels like a real, current life memory, it’s just that you can see yourself as older, younger, the opposite gender, and most certainly you see a different time period. Just like a real memory, a pls memory stays the same throughout one’s life. It doesn’t change, new things are rarely added to the memory. 

To help you further, I’d like to ask you to think of something that happened to you in the past (this life, of course). How does it look? How does it feel? Id you are, say in a room with white walls, can you change them to pink in your mind? It’s difficult, isn’t it? It’s difficult because your mind remembers it in a certain way. It doesn’t have to be correct (maybe you were too small and don’t remember it correctly), but that’s the way you remembered it and it’s how it got stuck in your mind.

Now think of a fairytale castle. What kind of doors does ot have? Can you change them into modern-looking doors in your mind? You can. Maybe it will take you a second or two but it’s not nearly impossible which is what happens with real memories. 

Pls memories work the same way – they look and feel like real memories, even though you know what you saw never happened.

Can we know for sure if the real pls memories are real? To answer that, we would first have to be sure 100% that reincarnation is real. The thing is, we don’t. This is why pls memories are so important. If so many people have them, it suggests that there is a great possibility that reincarnation. If not reincarnation, then there’s definitely something going on. We must not ignore it. We must not pretend that they don’t mean anything. Even if it’s nor reincarnation, we should try to find out what it is, what other explanations there are.

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