Individual vs Universal Truth

There is only one truth. How many times have you heard that? How many times have you heard that there are countless lies and only one truth? 

Let me give you an example: when something happens, everyone involved will have their own version of events but there is only one way that it happened. Even if no one ever gets to know what really happened, there is no questioning that there can be only one true version of it. This is almost a fact. The reason I say almost is that there are so many instances where things are not as clear and there can indeed be different and legitimate versions of the same event. 

Think about it this way: someone was shot and they died because of it. Even though we can say that there is only one way it could have happened, that only one person pulled the trigger (if we assume that there weren’t multiple people involved), we still can’t be sure of what lead to it, not oy in the sense of physical events that lead to the murder, but most importantly of the psychological and emotional reasons that lead to it.

Every single one of us has our own perception of the world. There are no two people who see the world in the exact same way. We all come from different life circumstances. We are also “wired” differently: even people from the same household have different perceptions.

It’s not only about the perceptions either. It’s our personalities and emotional reactions that are different. 

Yes, we all feel the same emotions, but we don’t feel the same way, with the same intensity and in the same situations. There are people who are more sensitive than others and those who have higher thresholds. There are people who are naturally more ambitious and those who are not.

We are who we are. We are who we were born to be. The problem is that, the moment we are born, others want to decide for us who we are and who we should be. We are given little chance to defend ourselves and choose our own path. Even later in life, when we decide what we want to do with our lives, that choice is rarely pure and without any external influence.

This is how our perceptions are created. They are a mixture of our personality, upbringing and life experiences. There are no two lives that are the same, that is why perceptions are different. Each and every perception is unique to the individual that has it. There can be similar outlooks on life but never two that are 100% the same. 

This brings us back to the truth. If every single one of us has their own perception of the truth, can we say then that there is one and only truth? Can we say that there is only one truth and not as many truths as there are people? 

Who knows, maybe there is. But, in the sea of individual truths, who can distinguish what is true and what isn’t?

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