Can We Change?

I’m often asked if the change will happen if bad things in the world will change for good. If we, as humanity, will finally live in peace. When people ask these questions, they want a positive answer – they want me to say that yes, we are heading for a better and happier future. The reality is different.

First, asking anyone for predictions about what the future will bring is ludicrous. No one can tell you for sure what will happen. It’s impossible to know. If we were to know what was going to happen, we would have to presuppose the existence of destiny. We can’t do that. I’m not saying that there is no such thing as destiny – what I’m saying is that no one knows that and it’s kind of impossible to know. 

Second, to understand the future we have to understand the past. It’s not a mere saying, it is truly helpful in understanding not only the events but also the people. What’s more, understanding people, that is humankind, is the key to understanding both our past, present, and future. Why? For the simplest of reasons – because it is the people that create the events. It is people that create societies. It is people that create war and suffering. It’s not some external, divine or what not sources that contribute to this. It’s humans own passions and psychological constitution that is responsible for everything that is going on in the world.

To put it simply – change will not come just like that. The change will not happen because we want it but continue to be and behave the same. For the change to happen, we have to first change ourselves. 

Here’s the tricky part – every individual of a society has to change in order for the whole society to change. That’s a very difficult thing to do because there are so many factors that contribute to it, mostly that not everyone is ready for a change or even wants it. 

There is another possibility, though – if enough people of the society changes, then they may start the process of change in the society which can result in others accepting it as well. Nevertheless, the true question here is – is the change truly a change or is it just the same thing at the core that only looks differently? If we consider the history of humanity we can undoubtedly say that many things have changed since the Middle Ages, or Ancient times or even 19th century. But… Have we changed? Have we truly changed as human beings? Are we somehow better now because we are more technologically advanced? Pretending to be better doesn’t make us better. Technological advance does not suggest moral or emotional advance. 

We, as humans, are the same as our ancestors many centuries ago. We haven’t changed – only the circumstances did. They way they are changed now they will change in the future. There’s no doubt about it.

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