Mars in Gemini Men in Love

Mars plays a very important role in our emotional lives. It says a lot about how we react to people and events but it also represents our sexual energy and how we behave when in love. In male’s chart, Mars represents how he behaves with the woman he loves, how he flirts, etc. while in the female’s chart it represents what characteristics she looks for in a man. 

Men who have their Mars in Gemini like to take things lightly. They are natural flirts and they may flirt without wanting to flirt at all. Because it’s their way of talking with the other sex, they may even flirt with girls they see only as friends. This can, of course, be very confusing as a girl may think that this guy is flirting with her while in fact, he is not. On the other hand, a girl he is definitely in to may think that he is not, because he seems to be flirting with everyone.

The truth is, it can be difficult to decipher what a Gemini Mars man wants. It’s probably because they don’t even know what they want themselves. 

It’s not uncommon for a Gemini Mars man to flirt with everyone except with the girl he actually likes. Why is this so? Because liking someone means they have feelings for her and the sign of Gemini is generally not good with emotions. They prefer to approach life from an analytical standpoint. So, when their own emotions are involved, they won’t know what to do. It’s easier for them to fake-flirt with a girl they don’t have strong feelings for.

Gemini is an indecisive sign and when it comes to Mars and love, it makes the men with this natal position very confused when it comes to love. 

They love the idea of being in a relationship. They love to have a girlfriend. They love to chat about everything and anything with their girlfriend. The thing is, they love the concept of love and the concept of having a relationship. Having a real and deep emotional connection with someone confuses them. They are usually more in love with the idea of a relationship than in the actual one. They are prone to constructing fabulous love stories in their head, but when they have to actually act it out, they can get nervous and unable to decide what to do. 

When they like a girl, though, no matter how confused he may be by his own feelings, he will have the urge to communicate with her, be it in person, on the phone or through text messages. He’s flirting style definitely includes communication so don’t be surprised if he bombards you with messages and/or wants to hang out with you a lot.

Still, because Gemini is a mutable sign, they may take a lot of time to make the first move. It’s not that they don’t like you, it’s just that their action is not constant or decisive. On the other hand, they can act abruptly and make the move right away (or after a short period of time). You never know with Mars in Gemini how he will act (and react). They don’t know it themselves.

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