A Guide To Killing Creativity

This time I decided to do something that I usually don’t do and that is – to write a guide on how to kill creativity. I thought to myself – why not? After all, if we are going to kill creativity, let’s do it properly.

Start early

If you are dedicated to killing creativity in people, it doesn’t have much sense to do it when they are adults. By then people have already got used to being creative and using their creativity in the best possible ways. Don’t wait and let them become familiar with the charms of creativity. If you want to do a good job (or at least try to do it), you have to start when they are still young. The younger the brain, the easier it is to form it to your liking. So don’t just let this precious opportunity slip from your hands!

Don’t wait for school

Hey, when they start school, their brains will already be somewhat formed, so if you let them develop creativity before they first step into the school, you are preparing yourself for a disaster. Sure, it’s better to start killing creativity when they are in the 1st grade than when they are much older, but don’t wait too long as the seed of creativity may already have been planted in their young souls and that’s not what we want.

Forbid them to use imagination

Imagination is the cancer of the non-creative society. It spreads like cancer, too, and when someone’s mind is contaminated with it, it’s impossible to get rid of it. Unless you kill the person, of course, but then again it’s against the law and we don’t want to be against the law, do we? Of course, we don’t, that’s why we are making this guide anyway.

Discourage them from asking questions

Again, this is something that you should start doing when they are still young. If they learn that it’s ok to ask questions, later on, it will be very difficult to get rid of this nasty habit. When the kid asks you a question that doesn’t include questions about food or Big Brother or the Kardashians or anything like that, don’t just ignore them. Tell them straight away that what they are asking is stupid and unacceptable. They should never be asking you that. Like ever! Who the hell cares about the universe or the dinosaurs? Can you have fancy smartphones by thinking about the stars? Nope. And yeah, tell them they won’t get a new smartphone if they continue with those stupid questions.

Don’t let them read books

It’s bad. It’s disastrous. After all, if they don’t have pictures, they are also borning. But hey, imagine that your kid starts reading books and actually likes doing it? They’ll learn about new worlds, new places and completely new things that they’ve never heard about before. They may even learn about magic and you are, of course, against Satanism and that kind of shit. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t learn how to read, it’s very important, after all, how will they learn about the new and juicy details of their favorite celebs? That brings us to the next point.

Don’t let them watch “creative” films

Not all films are dumbing down creativity or critical thinking. So, while it’s better for them to watch Tv than to read books, limit their Tv time to pointless shows and meaningless films. They will thank you when they grow up.

Up until now, we’ve been talking how to kill creativity in children. But what to do with those who somehow slipped through the strict rules of this guide and still managed to retain (and, God forbid, enhance) creativity well into their adulthood? They definitely require a more rigorous approach.

Make them believe that being creative will not earn them money

When you’re an adult, you’re undoubtedly concerned about money. You have to eat and live somewhere, after all. Don’t waste your time with trivial things such as thinking and imagination because they will cloud your judgment and eat your time – time that you should spend on doing useful things like earning money. Have you ever seen a rich artist? No? Well, neither have I.

Make them believe that creativity is only about art

Creativity equals arts, right? I mean, when you’re creative you like to paint, sing, write and things like that. Science is certainly not creative and business even less and those are the two things that will earn you more money than art, that’s for sure.

Tell them creativity is stupid

Sometimes it’s not enough to just be subtle; sometimes you have to tell them outright – creativity is stupid! It’s amazing how many people don’t get that. Luckily, you’ll be there to stir them in the right direction.

What if, after all you’ve done to kill creativity, they are still attached to it and won’t let it go? Sometimes, just sometimes, there are lost cases that can never be brought to reason. Don’t despair, though. They’ll realize soon enough that the world is not suited for creativity and creative people. Don’t feel guilty either. You did your best. They are adults and if they don’t want to listen to the voice of reason it’s their loss.

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