A world in between

If you don’t see particles dancing,

Or can’t find magic in the night air,

I can’t show you any wonders,

If you believe they aren’t there


If your soul doesn’t dance to a gust of wind,

Or translucent reflection of running water,

The plain world is all you get,

Don’t ask me if there’s another


If you don’t feel ancestral presence

Or can’t see the Giants of old,

You may never find your wings

Or Leprechauns’s pot of gold


If one morning you wake up tired

From a world that’s always grey,

Seek what lights your soul on fire,

Where there’s magic,there is grace


You’ll find out that you’re a story

And your magic is your plot,

We have only just forgotten

That creation is a thought


Please put down the weight you carry,

Find the endings of your knot,

Be kind to your inner world,

That’s the magic we forgot



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  1. I loved your first poem, but I love this one better! It’s light in tone but also very profound. I like the connection you made with our inner world and the mysteries and the magic of the ancient worlds.

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