I just saw a little bat,

It flew near my window pane

Into grand and scarlet sunset,

Without hint of cold and rain

I could feel how happy it was,

That it could feel pleasant night air,

I enjoyed its hasty flight,

Before I blinked,it wasn’t there

Sometimes I too must await the night

Before my soul can take its flight

The dark is often comfortable and wise,

It opens souls and shuts the eyes

Evening,tiny little bat!

I believe that we have met,

Our day is when the sun goes down

And moonlight shines our lonely time,

Melancholy sets with ease

And comes chilly midnight breeze,

What we fear will be our teacher,

Evening little earie creature!

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  1. A beautiful and profound poem! Night and darkness are indeed very wise. It’s perhaps because it’s wise that people don’t like it… because most people have a hard time dealing with wisdom… true wisdom, that incorporates both light and darkness.

  2. Thank you 😊

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