Moon in Capricorn Overview

When the Moon enters Capricorn it is commonly said that it is in its exile. Cancer is Moon’s domicile which means that Cancer’s energy is naturally compatible with Moon’s energy. On the contrary, Capricorn Moon (Capricorn being the opposite of Cancer) blocks Moon’s nurturing energy. With Capricorn Moon, emotions don’t flow naturally. They are blocked and the native needs to work very hard to unblock it. It’s very difficult though not entirely impossible and the native has a chance of doing it with someone they trust unconditionally, which is very rare.

Moon represents native’s mother and early childhood and these natives were often born into families where there was little emphasis on emotional needs. Parents were either older or were working long hours or the child had to take care of other siblings so they didn’t have the time to properly engage with the child on an emotional level. This child usually had their physiological (read: the child was clean, well-fed, etc) and material (read: these children usually didn’t lack toys) needs met but their emotional needs were neglected.

This resulted in the native perceiving the emotions as something strange and childish. They don’t only see other people’s emotional displays as childish, they do their best to have their own emotions under tight control. They grew up with the mantra “I don’t need anyone” because being self-reliant is what makes them emotionally safe. 

These natives don’t understand emotions very well which is why they can get taken advantage of easily, especially if they a water Mars. Even though it may seem weird that a Capricorn would be prone to being emotionally abused, this is often the case. Because they don’t understand emotions they don’t have a healthy approach to life and other people. They will either be stubborn about not liking someone (usually for completely arbitrary reasons) and also naively stubborn when doing everything for someone else. 

Moon in Capricorn natives are prone to helping people they don’t know or care about more than their own family. They will, of course, love their family the most, but it is like they feel it is their sacred duty to help people in need – people they are not that close to and/or who are taking advantage of them. Mars placement plays a big role here because Moon in Capricorn natives who have Mars in water signs do this in a most exaggerated way while Mars in fire sign natives are more controlled when it comes to being taken advantage of.

These people take a lot of time to open up and trust someone. Most of them never get to trust anyone to feel safe with them. On the contrary, there are some Capricorn Moon people who, in order to get the love and approval they so desperately need, can’t distinguish who they can and should trust and who they shouldn’t which gets them in a lot of trouble.

Emotionally speaking, Capricorn Moon natives can be compared to orphans. Every orphan needs love and affection but because of harsh life circumstances and lack of parental love, it can be very hard for them to open up and let others in.

Even though these natives need love, they hate the notion of appearing helpless and needy which is why they will often display a hard exterior, guarding closely their softer emotions. The more a Capricorn Moon native says they don’t need anything, the more they push you away, the more they need you by their side. They may not even acknowledge it to themselves, pretending that they indeed don’t need anything, but it’s a lie. It’s just very hard for them to admit they need anything and that they are humans just like everyone else.

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