Moon in Sagittarius Overview

Sagittarius is a good and joyful position for the Moon to be in. Sagittarius is a warm sign that always looks at the bright side of life. People with this Moon love life. They and curious and love to learn and discovers new things. They are always thinking about something, about new concepts and ideas. They love to hear new ideas, too.

Sagittarius loves freedom and Moon in Sagittarius natives have a deep need for personal freedom. They hate the feeling of being trapped. They want to be able to express themselves freely.

Although this Moon is easy-going and seemingly happy, their greatest fear is of conflicts. They were brought up in an environment where people pretend that the conflicts didn’t exist. In fact, conflicts were seen as something bad and destabilizing. Life was supposed to be about abundance and joy. Anything that was to disturb that was to be overlooked. This is why these natives often spend their entire lives pretending that the dark side of human nature doesn’t exist.

These natives are optimistic by nature. They tend to view the world through rose-stained glasses and will often neglect and gloss over the negative sides of life.

Their love of freedom is tightly connected with the messages they received in childhood and the way they were brought up. Because the Moon represents the mother, their mother was probably a person who didn’t like to impose strict rules on the child, instead of leaving it to exert their own will and decisions. In this household, creativity was highly valued and the child was encouraged to express itself creatively and often artistically.

These natives were taught from the early on that life is abundance and that they should enjoy it instead of dwelling on the negative sides if it.

They are good friends, though they can be tricky in love precisely because of their one-sided way of looking at life. They have a hard time acknowledging that their partner and their relationship is not idyllic and has its own fair share of difficulties like every other relationship.

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