Moon in Gemini Overview

Believe it or not, Gemini Moon is very different from its Sun counterpart. Moon represents emotions, instinct and our inner lives. While Sun is our character or how we present ourselves to others, Moon is who we are deep down, our personality.

Moon in Gemini people are usually intelligent (though astrology cannot guarantee either high nor low Iq), but unfortunately for them and those who surround them, their minds are scattered to so many places at once that they can confuse others easily (and probably themselves, too). They want to know everything… at once. Though they tend to naturally multitask, they are usually not good at it, except if their chart indicates otherwise. What they usually do is jump from one thing to another, finishing it only when the circumstances force them to.

Gemini is an air sign meaning they approach emotions from the intellectual side, not the emotional one. They are also a mutable sign which means they are not constant in what they do and prefer to go with the flow (that’s the reason Gemini’s mind is so scattered). This Moon feels safe when they can verbalize their emotions and you can find many Gemini Moons having no problem talking about intimate stuff (emotional-wise) even with complete strangers.  Because they don’t know what to do with emotions and feeling intense emotions scares them, the only way to neutralize emotions for them is to talk. Talking feels like catharsis.

When Gemini inhabits the Moon it gives the native a personality that doesn’t want to deal with emotions. They will talk about them extensively but it’s only their way of relieving tension from not knowing what to do with them. After all, talking about emotions rationalizes them so it’s easier for these natives to talk through emotions rather than feel them. For them talking is feeling and they can’t understand the difference.

Because they are so interested in everything that surrounds them, they are least prone to be judgemental about anything and everything you throw at them. In fact, they like things that are “odd” and quirky. It makes their mind spin.

People with Moon in Gemini tend to truly have multiple emotional personalities, unlike their Sun counterparts. It’s often said that Gemini, being the sign of the Twin, has at least two personalities. It’s nothing like dissociative personality disorder because they are definitely one and the same person, but Gemini Moon really has different emotional sides that they change quite often even to the point of forgetting what they felt and how they behaved previously.

Basically what this means is: one day they may feel super happy to see you and act like your best friend. They are not lying. They do truly feel that way. You’ll feel great and happy to have such a great friend. The next day, they may feel cold and distant for no apparent reason which will leave you scratching your head wondering what the heck happened. Then the day after that, they are your best friend again which will leave you even more confused.

They don’t do it for selfish and egocentric reasons. Gemini Moons are not selfish, they are erratic and unpredictable. Usually, the way they feel has nothing to do with you nor with their feelings for you. It just depends on the moment and their current emotional state. It’s funny how Gemini Moons will not even understand why you are angry with them. It’s like they have selective dementia where they can’t remember how they felt the previous day.

Because it’s difficult for the Gemini Moons to process feelings on an emotional level, a Gemini will do what they do best – they’ll talk about them. After all, Geminis are good talkers. When their minds get overwhelmed with thought and ideas, and they often do, they will talk about what’s bothering them to anyone. They don’t discriminate, they may talk about their deepest secrets even to the people they’ve just met… so no much for secrecy there. It’s not like they don’t want to keep a secret (their own and that of other people), but they don’t see anything wrong with talking about things… all the time.

The good thing about this Moon is that they are usually very light as they don’t tend to brood over problems as Scorpio Moons do. If they have a problem, they’ll talk about it, get it off their chest and that will be it. They don’t hold grudges and if they do get angry one day, they’ll probably forget all about it the next day. It’s all about the perpetual cycle of their ever-changing personalities.

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