Thoughts and Mysteries

The Superiority Complex Of Official Scientific Theories

Have you noticed the tone in which someone supporting official scientific theories talks and writes about? Have you noticed that condescending way of addressing the alternative theories whichever they may be? That superiority complex of being in the “official team”?

Coronavirus Diary: The World In Danger

Throughout history there have been instances where either the whole world or most of it suffered the same predicaments at the same time. The two World Wars where every country was affected by it, either by directly participating in it and losing millions of people, or by some other means. Of course,...

Kreatsya Video: Life Before Life

No matter what we believe in, the truth is that we don’t really know how life functions, whether there is life after death or even life before life. We believe that we came into existence either the moment we were conceived or the moment we were born, but, even though many people believe in so...


Why Are Some People Easily Manipulated?

We think it’s our problem that we got manipulated. It’s not. It’s the problem of self-image.

The Benefits of Expressing Negative Emotions

When you suppress negative emotions you create a mental and emotional problem. Negative emotions breed more negative emotions and what you end up doing is thinking about them instead of letting them go. So what to do?

Why is it Important to Know Yourself?

We are all different from one another. There are no two people who perceive the world in exactly the same way and whose personalities are exactly the same. Yes, two people may have very similar personalities and world-views, yet there will still be some things on which they will not agree. Granted, ...

Social Commentary

Coronavirus Diary: A Thief Can Live In Your Building, Too

A few days back, actually a few nights back, their big plant disappeared from the hallway. Remember I said that during the night no one can go out because of the curfew? Well, here it comes - if no one can get out during the night and the plant disappeared at that time, it means that someone from th...

Kreatsya Video: What You Haven’t Been Told About Success

You’ve been led to believe that success is somehow following a straight line. You’ve also been led to believe that success depends almost exclusively on you and your hard work. While working hard to achieve your goals is a good thing, there are so many other important aspects that get ov...

Kreatsya Video: Life Doesn’t Have Rules

First, you have to go to school. Then college. Then graduate, get a job, marry, have kids – there are so many milestones and rules you have to follow in order to be successful and happy. But guess what – even after following all the life rules, you are still unhappy, maybe you’re n...


Moon in Scorpio Love Compatibility

How compatible is Moon in Scorpio with other Moon signs?

Moon in Libra Love Compatibility

Learn how compatible Moon in Libra is with other Moon signs

Moon in Virgo Love Compatibility

These natives are intrigued by one another and will love to spend time together. Initially, everything will go smoothly but over time they’ll start to get on each other’s nerves, as Moon in Virgo will feel that there is something wrong with Moon in Aquarius’ emotions, while Moon in Aquarius will get...

Creative Corner

Serbian Legends – The Fake Ghost Bride

“Drivers, there is no time for panic. Please be aware that it is just a prank by two brothers. You’re not seeing a ghost bride. It’s an inflatable doll dressed in a wedding gown.” - it was heard from Sasha’s car radio. He giggled. He never believed in ghosts and this prank was poking fun at all thos...

Serbian Legends – The Legend Of Kamenicki Park

The terrifying legend of Marcibanji-Karačonji palace and Kamenicki park

Iz ormara jedne duše

Ugledah dušu što nad ponorom stoji Na licu joj beše čemer i jad Kad vide mene što na uglu stojim Iz svojih misli prene se tad   Iz očiju tamnih viri mi briga Ipak mi se usne u osmeh krive, Zarad svih duša na ovom svetu Srećna jer su i dalje žive   Gleda me duša očima snenim Veli da srce jo...


The Queen’s Gambit – Chess and Propaganda

The series is interesting to watch, though. It’s interesting to follow how Elizabeth Harmon, the future grandmaster and the best chess player in the world, found herself on this path.

LQSA 12×02 – Los vecinos no descansan

Ya he visto dos veces el segundo capítulo de la duodécima temporada. Como suelo ver los nuevos capítulos varias veces mientras espero una semana entera para ver el próximo, ahora con lo del Amazon Prime eso se me hace un poco imposible, pero me he dicho que voy a ver cada capítulo por lo menos dos v...

La que se avecina 12×01 – La sangre nueva

Tenemos la noticia de que esta duodécima temporada de una de las mejores series españolas “La que se avecina” va también ser la última. Bueno, por lo menos en la forma que la conocemos. O, mejor dicho, esta es la última temporada del Mirador de Montepinar, pero eso no tiene que significar que núnca ...